Friday, August 30, 2019

Home of Quirky Flavors: Black Scoop

Black Scoop is known as the home for quirky and one of a kind milk tea and ice cream flavors. Starting off with the well-loved Yakult, this milk tea shop became extra experimental when it launched Pei Pa Koa flavored tea! Though I may not be as adventurous as those who would like to have Chinese herbal cough syrup in their drinks, I discovered new favorites. 

Hello, Black Scoop.
Black Scoop started out as a humble milk tea shop along the foodie Maginhawa and grew into several branches in just months! With stores in big malls such as SM North Edsa and Eastwood and prime spots like Tomas Morato, it wasn't surprising that this relatively new player quickly took a big chunk of the boba market. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

First Bite: Hakata Ton-ichi

Ramen never fails to brighten up the gloomiest day. Just thinking about slurping tonkotsu broth and munching on thin noodles topped with chasiu is enough to motivate me to get out of bed and head to the nearest ramen joint. And last weekend was the perfect day to check out the newest ramen shop in town--Hakata Ton-ichi. 

Hello, Hakata Ton-ichi
Bright and fresh out of a manga book, this is what I felt when I stepped inside Hakata Ton-ichi. Neon signs, wooden furniture and colorful graphics ornate this ramen shop's massive space at SM North Edsa's newest wing.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

First Bite: Boa Kitchen + Socials

Breakfast spread never fail to make my eyes sparkle and mouth drool. And when I got word that Boa Kitchen + Socials offers some of my favorites, I made sure to visit this new foodie haven along Scout Rallos. 

Hello, Boa Kitchen + Socials.
Boa is one of the newest establishments in Quezon City's foodie district. Located on the mezzanine floor of ABDC building, make sure to look for a purple signage when you get to the corner of Scout Rallos and Scout Tuazon. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Worth it or Not: Kenny Rogers Now Offers Milk Tea

The modern Filipino anatomy now consists of at least 20% milk tea with all the boba shops out there. With an average of four cups per month splurge on this sweet beverage, it is not surprising that bigger brands are now offering it too. Recently, Kenny Rogers joined the milk tea bandwagon. And I couldn't help myself find out if it is worth it or not.

Hello, Kenny Rogers
I was strolling around Trinoma the other day and was on the mission to grab a bowl or two of salad for dinner. But instead of heading back home after buying my meal, I ended up going to Kenny Rogers. That signage of its milk tea by the escalator sure was effective as it made me take a detour! 

Monday, August 26, 2019

When in Puerto Princesa: Dos Palmas

Dos Palmas has been one of the most popular spots in Puerto Princesa for decades. Just the idea of basking under the sun in a rather secluded island makes anyone smile from ear to ear. It grew into an international headline when a kidnapping incident happened in 2001 which led to the abduction of 20 guests and staff. Though it has been a long while since the unfortunate event, many are still scared to stay here and question the island's security. I was uneasy too but we pushed through with our reservation and spent a few days here. And I was so happy that we did.

Hello, Dos Palmas
We spotted Dos Palmas while searching Agoda for resorts in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The aerial view of the island won us over as we like the idea of being far from the city proper. And it didn't take long before we clicked the book button. 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Is FRNK Milk Bar More Than Just A Pretty Shop?

Instagrammable. That word has been the focus of most food and drink establishments and sadly, fail to deliver what's really important... taste. This is the reason why I often avoid pretty food and colorful drinks. I'm always scared of getting duped by its beautiful appearance and leave my taste buds miserable. But when most of my friends say that this new hipster drink brand offers nothing but goodness, I just have to give in to try FRNK Milk Bar. 

Hello, FRNK Milk Bar
FRNK Milk Bar is one of celebrity Isabelle Daza's business ventures. And just like all the other brands she's involved with, FRNK is a beauty in all aspects of marketing. All of FRNK's drinks are worthy to be part of anyone's Instagram with its sleek presentation. 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

What Mary Loves: Amorita's New Saffron Dishes

Bohol is one of my favorite islands in the Philippines. Aside from its chill vibe and beautiful beaches, I love that this place is a gold mine for sea urchin. But I found another reason to like Bohol. And that's Amorita and its scrumptious new dishes at Saffron.

Hello, Amorita
Amorita is one of the luxury resorts situated in the famous Alona Beach in Panglao. It sits on top of a cliff giving its guests a wonderful view of the beach and sea. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Mondays Made Better is Back

Monday is the least favorite or most dreaded day of many. It marks the end of weekends and it always feel like it was the longest day as we have to drag ourselves back to work (or reality). But Monday isn't so bad when your favorite drinks are at prices as sweet as its taste at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! And yes, Mondays Made Better is back!

Hello, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Mondays Made Better is one of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's popular promotions that would make anyone look forward to Mondays. With different drinks highlighted every Monday, one would be left excited for work week to start. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Air Asia: Redefining Airline Food

Air Asia has been known and named as the World's Best Low-Cost Airline for eleven years in a row. And it doesn't stop at just providing pocket friendly airfares! With most of its in-flight menu priced below PHP200, it makes dining in the air more attractive. But Air Asia has another reason to convince you why you should click that add a meal button before paying for your next flight. 

Hello, Air Asia!
Air Asia welcomes the end of Summer with a new Santan menu. Aside from the usual favorites like Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak and Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice, this well-loved airline came up with new dishes to spice things up. 

Monday, August 19, 2019

One of the Best: Ba Noi's

Ba Noi's has been known as one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Manila. It never fails to delight the taste buds which always yearn for Vietnam's clean flavors. This led to the humble hole in the wall restaurant in Makati to expand to other areas, particularly Pasig. And when my sister suggested that we have lunch there a few weekends ago, it was an easy yes. 

Hello, Ba Noi's.
It has been quite a while since I've last dined in Ba Noi's. I remember that I would usually grab a bowl of phở and its tender stir-fried beef. 

Friday, August 16, 2019

First Bite: New Hatchin Grocerant

Japan is a happy place for me. I always look forward to supermarket runs where I get to grab all my favorite Japanese goodies and more. And when R's parents asked if we'd like to go to Hatchin, a Japanese grocerant, I quickly said yes!

Hello, New Hatchin Grocerant
New Hatchin Japanese Grocerant is a grocery store and restaurant in one. It has been around for quite a while in Makati and it finally opened a store along Katipunan last April. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

First Bite: Eatogether Food Hall's Jeepney Avenue

Filipino cuisine will always have a special place in my heart (and tummy). Its comforting flavors never fail to make me feel at home or remember the good ol' days with the family. And I was giddy to spot Jeepney Avenue at Eatogether.

Hello, Jeepney Avenue.
Jeepney Avenue is one of the first stalls you'll see when you enter Eatogether. Situated right beside the counter to get your Vikings Card, its mouthwatering display of crispy pata will get your attention.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

First Bite: Eatogether Food Hall's L'Italiano

I miss Italy and its wonderful flavors. Just visiting a local supermarket could score you a five-star meal. And I was happy to discover a new place to get Italian pasta close to the ones I've fallen in love with. 

Hello, L'Italiano
L'Italiano is one of the many food concepts housed by Eatogether Food Hall. It focuses on three items--bread, pasta and pizza

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

First Bite: Eatogether Food Hall's Hawker Lane

Eatogether is the newest food hall in the metro. Its innovative cashless system makes ordering and paying hassle-free. It is not surprising that this hip place is getting a lot of attention, not just from millennials but foodies of all ages. And one of the busiest stalls here is the one that offers Asian favorites.

Hello, Hawker Lane.
Hawker Lane is tucked inside Eatogether and you have to go past all the tempting stalls by the entrance to get here. But you'll surely see it if you plan to grab some drinks as this right beside the bar.

Monday, August 12, 2019

First Bite: Eatogether Food Hall's Salad Station

I love it how our insatiable need for Instagram-worthy spaces has changed the food court scene. The birth of food halls (and food parks) added spark to our mundane quick lunch breaks and put extra oomph in our social media feeds. And one food hall spiced things up with a few taps here and there. 

Hello, Eatogether Food Hall
Eatogether Food Hall is yet another concept by the Vikings Group that adds new twists and flair to the current food scene. 

Friday, August 9, 2019

First Bite: Friends & Family

Today's food scene has never been this dynamic. There are so many new and innovative concepts that would intrigue anyone. But one thing that trumps all trends and gimmicks is familiarity. And that is what Friends & Family focused on.

Hello, Friends & Family.
Friends and Family made its mark in the foodie community with its nostalgic take on several Filipino dishes such as Birthday Spaghetti and. It grew even more popular when The Raintree Group's Executive Chef Kalel Chan came up with Ube Champorado. And when it launched a very tempting Buy One Get One deal on two of its comforting dishes perfect for this rainy weather, I've decided that it's time to stop delaying my visit.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Love at First Sight: Serenitea x Sesame Street

“Early bird gets the worm. But cookie taste better than worm. So me sleep in," says Cookie Monster. And I think I actually embraced that idea when I feasted on nothing but cookies for weeks. As a fan of this crazy-eyed blue cutiepie, I was so happy when Sesame Street collaborated with one of my favorites--Serenitea.

Hello, Serenitea x Sesame Street!
Serenitea has always been my number one milk tea. And just when I thought I don't have enough room to like this any more, it came up with a collaboration that made me love it even more. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Nono's Launches New Favorites

July was a stressful month for me. I had to learn new things for work and keep up with having new content for my blog. I'd often find myself sleeping so late just so I could have everything done. Now that I'm starting to get the hang of it, there's no better way to reward myself than with good food at Nono's

Hello, Nono's.
I used to think that Nono's is just a place for desserts knowing that the person behind this dainty shop is the wonderful Baba Ibazeta-Benedicto of Classic Confections. But I was totally wrong when I got a bite of Nono's Fried Truffle Cheese Wontons. Crunchy and packed with umami, this amazing starter made me smile from ear to ear! And I couldn't help myself from wanting more. My sister also had a Cooking Master Boy moment with Nono's when she had its cheesy Mac N Cheese.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

First Bite: Bake House Manila

I love hanging out at Shangri-La at the Fort. Aside from its amazing restaurants, I find its lounge the perfect place to have some work done. And I was beyond thrilled when I got word that it opened a new shop to showcase its pastries and desserts. 

Hello, Bake House Manila
Bake House is Shangri-La at the Fort's newest food concept. It is hard to miss as it's located at the main lobby of the hotel, just at the opposite side of High Street Cafe

Monday, August 5, 2019

Fly to Rome for Free with Cibo

Italy is a beautiful country filled with so much history. But one thing I absolutely love about this place is its intense passion for great food. Italians take pride in its cuisine and its use of the finest and freshest ingredients. Many too continue to practice the traditional way in preparing food. And though I miss all the trattoria, ristorante and deli shops, I'm happy that I could have a taste of Italy here in Manila at Cibo

Hello, Cibo.
Cibo has been our go to restaurant whenever we're craving for good Italian food. I'd often get Patatine Fritte and Spinaci Zola for starters, Penne al Telefono and Panino Porchetta as mains and Panna Cotta for dessert. And don't get me started with my love for its Pomelo Shake

Friday, August 2, 2019

First Bite: Hummus Elijah

I love to munch on junk food and indulge in soda and milk tea for days. It can get even crazier when I'm stressed or down. Thankfully, my body can recognize when it needs something healthier as I get intense craving for salad or anything fresh. And it was timely that Hummus Elijah opened a branch just a few blocks away from home. 

Hello, Hummus Elijah
Hummus is often treated as a side dish to complement one's meal here in Manila. We'd usually have it with a plate of kebab or shawarma. But this healthy treat is enjoyed as one's breakfast, lunch or dinner in Israel. In fact, there are several restaurants in Israel that sell only hummus and pita. And Eli Lapid, owner of Hummus Elijah, wants to promote that this is a great alternative to one's usual meal. 

Thursday, August 1, 2019

A Taste of China: Fantaste

Clay pot rice has been one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Fluffy rice topped with blanched greens and your meat of choice, each bowl is guaranteed to be filling. Healthy too! And I'm so glad that there's a restaurant in town that specializes in clay pot rice. 

Hello, Fantaste.
Positioned as a pioneer authentic clay pot restaurant in Manila, Fantaste has a wide selection of options to choose from, fifteen to be exact.