Friday, November 28, 2014

First Bite: Press Café

I love Fully Booked. It’s one of my happy places when I’m in the mood to see quirky notepads, fangirl on the latest manga or swoon over interesting books. I have been meaning to try Press Café, the coffee shop inside Fully Booked, Rockwell branch; but for some reason, it always get cancelled…until the night I met John Wick.
A few Couchsurfers and I were supposed to meet at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf a few Saturdays ago but since it was crowded, we decided to meet at Press Café instead.

We were just supposed to have coffee but it was my first time to dine there so… I just have to order at least three dishes. I went with Eggs Benedict (PHP260), Tomato soup (PHP125), Grape shake (PHP110) and an Oatmeal cookie (PHP70).
First served was my grape shake and it was refreshing. It wasn’t overly sweetened.
The tomato soup was love. Though a bit thick to be an appetizer, it had the tangy taste that I love. The bread on the soup added texture and made it even more filling.
The Eggs Benedict came with a forest ham which was a bit too red for me. But it was pretty good with the poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce. I also liked the overdose of onions!
The oatmeal cookie was pretty big though fair enough for its price. It was pretty good too though keep a glass of water ready as it could make your throat a bit itchy.

Overall, it was a filling late lunch. I’ll try the pasta and quesadillas next time.

Press Café is located at 4th Floor, Fully Booked, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City.

Press Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, November 27, 2014

First Bite; Size Matters

You only live once. That’s pretty much the motto of the younger generations to justify their crazy antics. Lately, I feel that I have been doing the same thing with how I eat. I know that I have finally reached the stage where I have to be more careful with the food I eat. Hello, slow metabolism! However, I do not want to deprive myself of the delicious things in life so…

Hello, Size Matters.
I recall checking Size Matters out before with N during one of our food trips; but it didn’t exactly catch our fancy, we skipped it. But since E sounded so eager to visit the place (again), we decided to have dinner there instead of the failed Burp hunt.
The menu is quite simple and straightforward—a few burger selections, some rice meals, pasta and chicken. That’s it. Simple and easy.
I decided to go for The Works Burger (PHP299 for 1/3 lbs.) while E went for Breakfast in Bed Burger (PHP199 for ¼ lbs and PHP279 for ½ lbs.) then just added an additional PHP60 to make our meals “combo” to get a glass of 12 oz. house blend iced tea and fries. We also ordered a plate of lasagna (PHP159).

Given they were only serving two tables that night, service was pretty quick.

First served were our glasses of iced tea. True enough, it was not your usual Nestea. It had a stronger citrus taste.
Next served was the lasagna which I liked. It was somehow similar to the cheesy lasagna of Greenwich and Red Ribbon. Comfort food is always great.

The burgers arrived soon and both were pretty big.
The Works Burger was rather fat (and yes, fattening). I had a hard time getting a whole bite. I liked the Monterey Jack patty though as it was juicy and flavorful. I just hoped that the bacon strips were thinner and crispier.
E enjoyed The Breakfast in Bed Burger but it was too salty for me. It was interesting though as it had fried egg on it. Again, the bacon looked so foreign to me.

Overall though, it was a filling and worth-your-money dinner.

Size Matters is located at Ground floor, Ace Water Spa Building, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. 

Size Matters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Love at First Sip: Kissako Uji Matcha Café

Friday nights are meant for munching and discovering new food. I am not so fond of eating the same food twice as there are just so many restaurants to visit and so many dishes to try. Just thinking about it makes me so giddy.

Last Friday, I made an 8 p.m. reservation for three at Locavore thinking that my sister’s last class ends late. But we all got together at 6:30. So to kill time, I asked them if we could visit the new Japanese tea and coffee shop I spotted a few weeks ago.

Hello, Kissako!
The place is quite small and could only accommodate perhaps 5-6 groups at a time. Choices are also limited making it easier for me choose. I went with Strawberry Shortcake (PHP170), Chocolate Mousse (PHP170) and Horiguchi Coffee (PHP130) in medium roast.
The cakes arrived in cute dark colored clay plates. I am already in love without even tasting the cake yet.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Love at First Bite: Locavore

I seriously love my area. Crowd favorites such as Silantro, Poco Deli, Rub Ribs, Calderon and Mad Marks can all be found in Kapitolyo. My new favorites Avi, Haru, Open Kitchen, Gostoso, and Tomahawk are all in the area too. And last Friday, I discovered a new favorite, Locavore.
I've heard of Locavore from my friend F who randomly messaged me if I have tried eating there. Curious, I made my research and upon seeing the photo of the Sizzling Sinigang, I was convinced that I have to dine there soon.
However, I failed on my first try. Locavore was packed and waiting time could be half an hour to over an hour. My mom and sister were already hungry then so we went to Pearl Drive instead for some chi-mek (chicken and beer).

I was informed that the best way to secure seats is to make a reservation. It’s not really my habit to do so unless I feel that the place is awesome and always packed. I could still count how frequent I made reservations. I recall I did with Your Local, Haru, Bistecca, House of Wagyu, and Nav.
When we arrived, the place was still spacious with only a few tables occupied. However, we did notice that almost all tables were tagged “reserved”.
Since I already have a copy of the menu, I already “planned” on what to order. I got Sizzling Sinigang (PHP530), Lechon and Oyster Sisig (PHP400), Crispy Tilapia (PHP280), Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken (PHP240) and Calamanjito (PHP280 for two glasses during Happy Hour).

Friday, November 21, 2014

Molito Food Stop: Le Petit Cheri

There are so many new restaurants here, there and just about everywhere! I went crazy when I spotted Molito, the new foodie haven in the south. I saw several new establishments I have never seen before and I am so excited to visit those places soon. Earlier, I posted about Ramen Yushoken. The place offer really flavorful ramen. Since we still had had 30 minutes to explore Molito before going home, my sister and I dashed to Le Petit Cheri.

Hello, Le Petit Cheri.
It had an eerie ambiance as we were the only ones there when we visited. And it didn’t seem to be a good sign. But it was recommended by a few friends so I had faith in this establishment.
Since we were not in the mood for anything savory, we went straight to desserts and stared at the display cooler. I got the White Chocolate Cheesecake (PHP148), Baked Polvoron (PHP78) and several macarons: Caramel, Salted Coffee, Purple Yam, Red Velvet, and Strawberry (PHP38 each).
I ordered the baked polvoron since it intrigued me. I love polvoron but I never really had a chance to try a baked version of it. The texture was similar to a rather hard cookie and it wasn’t as sweet as the well-loved Goldilocks polvoron. Actually, it tasted just like a slightly bland cookie. 
I ordered the White Chocolate Cheesecake since it was the most photogenic among the cakes available then. It was very dense and thick and it didn’t have the tart that I like from cheesecakes. It also made me remember why I don’t like white chocolate. In short, I will not order this again… ever. But white chocolate lovers might enjoy this.
The macarons were pretty decent though for its affordable price. My favorite was the salted coffee (which I cleared with the person who assisted us if it’s really coffee and not caramel). It tasted just like coffee but it wasn’t as sweet. The ganache was so thick though.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Love at First Bite: Vyne

I love Girls Night Out(s). It forces me to dress nicely and be girly (though I seriously hate heels so I always bring flats in case my poor knees give up on me). Plus we get to talk about our love lives or the lack of it. One day, I got a message from my favorite Dragon Lady saying to block off one Saturday so that we could try Vyne. She added, wear something nice. (I volunteered as one of the runners of the Ethan Allen Anniversary sale then so I was a bit harassed but it’ll do.)

Hello, Vyne!
The place is located at the 8th floor of the W building with IHOP. The entrance looks cute as it is also the entrance of Hyve, one of the bars (or should I call it a club) at The Fort.
First thing I noticed inside were the graffiti or paintings on the concrete walls. It added an adorable vibe to the place.
The washroom is also charming!
Anyway, for the food, we ordered the following: Apple and Bleu Cheese Salad (PHP285), Prawn Ravioli Laksa (PHP270), Lamb Rendang Bolognese (PHP360), The Salmon (PHP450), Breaded Aji Tamago (PHP200) and Mexican Grilled Chicken Sandwich (PHP280). We also ordered two glasses of Lychee Martini (PHP280 for two glasses).
The Apple and Bleu Cheese Salad arrived first and it looked so pretty! The crispy and slightly tangy green apples went well with the sweet honey yogurt dressing. The tanginess of the bleu cheese surely made us hungry for more.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

McDonald's McGriddles Now Available in the Philippines

I love breakfast! I love to eat breakfast meals for breakfast (duh!), lunch, dinner, or as midnight snack! I dislike it when restaurants only offer breakfast meals in the morning. What if I’m craving for scrambled eggsbacon and sausages at 1 p.m.? Anyway, rules are rules. :| One fine Sunday though on our way to visit our lovable grandma, we passed by McDonald’s for a much needed breakfast.
I was about to order Egg McMuffin when my sister told me to order a McGriddles instead as it’s “limited edition” breakfast. I spotted bacon so I ordered the Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddles (PHP113 with coffee | PHP128 with coffee and hashbrown). My mom ordered the Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddles (PHP113 with coffee | PHP128 with coffee and hashbrown).
While waiting for our order, I made a quick check on what McGriddles is all about and apparently, it’s a pancake sandwich with maple flavoring. Sinful? Oh yes! Yummy? Definitely.
Okay, I wasn’t able to try my mom’s McGriddles as she ate it while I was not looking for me to flash my annoying puppy eyes (which do not really work on anyone). But since she finished it, I’m guessing it was good.
My Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddles was pretty good. The bacon was quite crispy (though the serving was a bit stingy with just 2 small strips) and I love the contrast of its saltiness with the sweet griddle cakes. If only they put in more bacon, it would have been my everyday breakfast meal. Hello, Super Size version of me!

And speaking of Super Size Me, the McGriddles was mentioned in the well-loved documentary. Morgan Spurlock described it as “one of their fattest sandwiches to date.” So try to keep it down to once or twice a week. ;)

Here’s the list of McDonald’s branches with McGriddles:

Sun Mall Welcome Rotonda
Farmer's Market
Pioneer Reliance
Ortigas Extension Cainta
Tarlac Hi-way
Sto. Tomas Batangas
Dona Soledad
Bankmer (along Ayala Ave)
Lucky Chinatown
San Pedro
Blue Ridge
Las Pinas Talon
Project 8
Angeles Intersection

Try them all before it’s too late!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kapitolyo Food Stop: Red Panda Bistro

I’m still amazed with how Kapitolyo transformed from a quiet residential area to one of the busiest foodie destinations in the Metro. I remember how we’re limited to two options, St. Gerald’s (a homey café near my school) or Three Sisters (one of the pioneers in the area that sells delicious barbecue and pancit bihon). Now, I have so many options that I also need my toes to count it.
The spotlight this time is on Red Panda Bistro. I planned to try this place out with N a few months ago but the menu didn’t appeal to us so we went to Gostoso instead. I was still curious about the place though so when M invited me for dinner, I suggested Red Panda.
Since the cuisine is Chinese, I wasn’t really that ecstatic in choosing what to eat. Plus, I was so embarrassed for arriving late and looking harassed with uncombed hair. Anyway, we decided to go for the following: Roast Duck Dumpling (PHP115), Broccoli and Cauliflower Cheese Gratin (PHP380), and Chinese Style Ossobucco (PHP490).

Monday, November 17, 2014

Ramen of the South: Ramen Yushoken

It has been quite a while since I last did a food trip. I have been super busy lately that I had no time to explore and visit new places. (Goodbye food trip Saturdays! I miss you so much!) But God has been so good to me. On our way to visit my all-time favorite grandma, something caught my eye. MOLITO. It’s the foodie hotspot Molito! As soon as I posted it on Facebook, I got some really good foodie advice.
Right after a quick trip to the Alabang bazaar, we visited our first Molito stop, Ramen Yushoken.
I’ve actually heard of Ramen Yushoken from several people when I tell them that I’m scheduling a south food trip. But it always gets cancelled or end after one stop.  Anyway…
The place is quite small but could easily sit around 25-30 people. I heard that there is always a long wait during dinner. Good thing we came in around 4:30 p.m..

We ordered three ramen bowls: Shoyu Ramen (PHP350), Miso Ramen (PHP380) and Hiyashi Chuka (PHP370). We also ordered two plates of Gyoza (PHP150).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Supermarket Find: Mini Meiji Products

The Philippines has been known to be a tingi-tingi market hence the popularity of sari-sari stores in villages and provinces; and growth in number of convenience stores in cities. Honestly, I prefer supermarkets as I get to see more things there and I always get excited whenever I see a new product (and believe me, you do not want to see my super giddy self in a supermarket). But I guess it has been quite a while since I last visited a supermarket. (Then again, it was just a few weeks ago.)

Look at what my mom bought from our local supermarket!
Mini Meiji products!!!
Hello Panda may not really look that small so here’s a pencil for scaling purposes. It’s only 18 grams.
Yan Yan also has a mini version (Yan Yan Kids). It’s only 30 grams!
Cute! <3
I guess I need around 5 of each to satisfy my grumpy tummy.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gusto Ko Sa Gostoso (Piri-Piri Chicken)

I really find it amusing how the internet reconnects people. Just a few weeks back, I met up with a balikbayan friend I met when I visited San Francisco. I promised that in case he visits Manila, I’ll return the favor and buy him a good meal. I was just not expecting it to be a sudden and unplanned meet up on All Saints’ Day. (I’m quite a planner when it comes to things that involve food.)
Since it was an impromptu dinner on a day that some restaurants were closed, we decided to explore Kapitolyo. My favorite Open Kitchen was closed while Silantro as always, was packed that night.

My other favorite place, Gostoso had a few vacant tables so we decided to settle with the Piri-Piri place.
Since it was already a bit late, we decided not to go wild with the order and just went with an order of Piri-Piri Fries (PHP90) and Half and Half of Chicken and Shrimp Skewers (PHP785). I was also in the mood to drink that night so we ordered a carafe of red sangria (PHP370).
First served was the plate of Piri-Piri fries with sour cream dip. It had a tangy flavor that made it addicting. (Fine, I’m biased as I love anything tangy.)
Next served was the red sangria with fruit chunks. J and I munched on the fruits as palate cleanser and dessert. I didn’t get a hint of the wine though.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Reply to A Letter From The Love You Haven't Met Yet

Since today is Pepero Day (a.k.a. another couple day in Korea) let me come up with a mushy post. I got inspired by the article A Letter From The Love you Haven’t Met Yet and here’s my reply to the letter.

Dear Future Love of My Life:
Image from
I know you’re out there. Perhaps you’re just behind me while I get my caffeine fix or the person secretly laughing at my failed joke delivery to my friends. But I often wonder why we never had the chance to “really” meet.

While waiting for you, I went through some crazy experiences. I dated and fell in love—but not with you. I got hurt, cried till wee hours in the morning, and got addicted to Taylor Swift. Then again, looking back, it did help me learn and be a stronger and better individual. I realized my shortcomings and I was able to work on it. I got rid of the whole everything-is-Disney-perfect-once-you-fall-in-love as I realized that relationships are not always all musical with birds chirping with other forest animals helping you clean your cottage while you sing and twirl.
But at the same time, I am still not giving up on our fairy tale. I know it does not mean all happiness as that would be creepy for us to be just laughing, dancing and singing all the time. I also know that relationships entail hard work for it to stay strong and grow. But I’m sure it’ll be worth my time, especially if it’s with you for I am confident that this time around, I won’t be alone in making it work.
Image from 
There are so many things I’d like us to do. Just thinking about our first this and that makes me smile like a fool. I can’t wait for us to go on adventures, may it be discovering new places, dishes, or activities. But the thing I am most excited about is for us to learn about each other. Our quirks, favorites… what makes us… us.
However, I understand that now is not yet the time. We are not ready to be together just yet as we are still working on our 2.0 versions. We may be preoccupied by our blooming careers or having a bit too much fun with our friends. Perhaps we still want to do a lot of things on our own.
But don’t worry, love. I’m just here and I’ll patiently wait for you.


Your Future Love Who Patiently Waits For You