Thursday, December 30, 2010

Finally... a trip to YAKIMIX

I was really excited when I found out that Yakimix will open another branch in Greenbelt since I find the MOA and Tomas Morato branches too far from my place. But alas, my plans to visit the place always get canceled for several reasons—stomach ache, flu, friends on diet, etc.

Anyway, I finally had the chance to eat at Yakimix (yey!) and I was not really surprised when I saw some people waiting to be seated. We waited for an hour before we could get a table (and yes to those evil minded readers, with chairs). I first took the salmon sashimi since that’s my favorite followed by kani sticks and several kinds of maki such as veggie maki, kani maki, and kappa maki.

*Off to the REAL food area* I also took some chapche (Korean stir fried noodles with vegetables), kimchi, lechon macau, fried rice, broccoli with shrimp, mushrooms, and samgyeopsal. I had a hard time finishing my plate (and I had to if I want to avail the Php. 499 no left over price). I was not able to go back for another plate but I can’t help get another serving of salmon sashimi.  I still made sure though that I get to try the desserts. I tried the macaroon, chocolate crinkle, coffee jelly, and blueberry cheesecake, and this chocolate covered pastry (I do not know what it is called). 

VERDICT: The main dishes, sashimi, and maki are good. It was well cooked and the sashimi is fresh unlike other restaurants. The dessert was a bit of a disappointment. It was on the bland side. The cheesecake lacked the tangy taste I was looking for. In fact, it tasted like warm whipped cream. 

For Php. 499 (plus Php. 65 for bottomless drink) it was a good deal. Just make sure you stuff yourself with lots of sashimi and maki since those are the dishes I find most expensive.  Do not bother going to the pastries area. Ice cream will do to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Service was quite terrible though. Servers were not smiling and they were quite rude when serving us drinks. They must remember that even though the restaurant is always packed with people, it does not mean that EVERYONE will go back. Service is part of the total restaurant experience. It might take me a while before I consider going back just because of the bad service.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

All about KFC Double Down

Since I have been hearing so many people clamoring for this so-called KFC Double Down, I’ve decided to buy one on my way home. Well, the rage is dying a bit now since it has been weeks (or was it more than a month already)? Anyway, I bought one Double Down with coleslaw and cola.
My first impression: THE DOUBLE DOWN IS JUST A SMALL CHICKEN BURGER. I had this notion that it is a burger for real fast food eaters. I guess I was wrong.
It tasted like one big chicken strip from the KFC Gogo sandwich… only it had bacon and cheese on it. I find it a bit too salty and it also has this umay or sawa factor.
I still prefer Burger King’s Chicken Sandwich. It is bigger and more filling for me. J
KFC Double Down

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another reason why National Bookstore is the best!

I dropped by National Bookstore this afternoon to buy something for work. When I was about to pay for my purchases, the cashier asked me if I want to donate a book. I immediately thought of donating OLD books so I asked her where the box was and until when we could donate since I just cleaned my room. She then went to another counter and took a book near the registrar. Apparently, for you to donate a book, you have to buy a book, a brand new one. 
I am not against the idea. In fact, I find it a great idea! We are so used to the idea of donating old things we no longer need. We hardly buy new things and donate it to charities and other institutions. In fact, even if we do not really need something, as long as it is brand new, it is quite hard to let that thing go. (Guilty? >:D)

So, if you want to be a gift to others (naks!), do drop by National Bookstore and buy a book. According to, books are as low as P30. The one offered to me though was P65 (hmmmm…). As a treat, you could have your name on the book (“donated by___”) and have your name as well on an ornament (well, it’s actually just paper) for the NBS Christmas tree.


One feel good moment. ^^