Monday, April 11, 2022

A Meaty Heaven: Tender Bites

Food plays an important role whenever we travel. We often reminisce about the meals we enjoyed on those vacations and escapades. Though I'm more open to going out and exploring, I still have my reservations about dining in, especially when traveling with Sam. This is why we'd usually bring food to cook on road trips instead of going to restaurants. And I'm so glad to have come across Tender Bites.

Hello, Tender Bites.

Tender Bites is an online premium meats shop that sells your favorite beef, pork, and lamb cuts. It also has breakfast classics longganisa and tapa as well as ready-to-cook meats like BBQ chops and Korean Beef BBQ.

I was gifted three types of meats -- Rib Eye (PHP1,089/kg), Porterhouse (PHP959/kg), and Korean Beef BBQ (PHP829/kg).