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Restaurant Love: Single Origin

Breakfast is love. If breakfast is a guy, I’d definitely date him and who knows, marry him as well. There’s something so appealing with breakfast that I simply could not stop having it all day long. And a lot of foodies share the same addiction hence the number of all-day breakfast restaurants around the city. One of my favorites is Single Origin and it surely delighted my tastebuds when I dropped by its second branch a few months ago. 

Hello, Single Origin

This was my first time to visit its Rockwell branch which opened last September and I noticed that it is bigger than its BGC branch. 
I was greeted by warm hues of brown, suspended lights and charming flowers on each table. I also spotted a few communal tables which are perfect for large groups or those who do not like feeling alone. 

For starters, we were asked to choose whichever drink we fancy and I went with Strawberry Basil Lemonade (PHP160) while R went with Iced Valrhona Mocha (PHP195). 
My bright pink drink, which was composed of freshly squeezed lemonade mixed with strawberry sauce with a splash of soda and basil chiffon, was  great! It was a bit tangy from the lemonade and strawberry sauce and I really liked it that way. The touch of basil also made the drink even more refreshing. I now understand why it is one of Single Origin’s bestsellers.
R’s Iced Valrhona Mocha was so good too. I loved the beautiful blend of Valrhona chocolate and espresso resulting in a lovely dark mocha drink. It sure made me wish I ordered the same as R’s.

After a few sips, the scrumptious dishes of Single Origin were served. 
For appetizers, we sampled S.O. Wings (PHP250), Bacon on Mud (PHP195) and Sausage Platter (PHP450).
The S.O. Wings were quite sweet and seemed to be honey glazed. Though I wasn’t able to dip it in bleu cheese, it was flavorful enough to whet the appetite. Not everyone liked it though because the sweetness of the chicken surprised their tastebuds. 
Bacon on Mud was an obvious winner. 
The maplewood bacon was crisp and salty creating a beautiful contrast with its smooth chocolate dip. 
My favorite though was the sausage platter. One order includes Hungarian, Smokey Cheesy Bavarian and Kielbasa served with grainy mustard and truffle chips. 
The sausages were absolutely divine as each one was succulent, rich in flavor and had a nice snap to it. I’d love to order this again and pair it with a pint of beer or two. 
I had no idea that Single Origin offers pizzas and I sure am glad that they made us sample Breakfast Pizza (PHP320) and Anchovies and Garlic Aioli (PHP295). 
Both tasted great but Breakfast Pizza won me over with its bacon, mushroom, quail eggs and arugula toppings. It may be an unhealthier version of a breakfast meal but I wouldn’t mind having this every morning! 
The Anchovies and Garlic Aioli was a bit on the salty side with not much contrast in textures. But if you love garlic, this pizza is something you have to try as it has garlic confit.  
The event became a bit confusing when we went back inside as some dishes placed on one table was not served to the other and vice versa hence I failed to take photos of theWhite Truffle Pasta (PHP450) and Cold Cuts and Cheese (PHP595).

I managed to get a forkful of White Truffle Pasta though and it was awesome! It was creamy had a lovely taste of truffle. The linguini pasta was al dente and made even more enjoyable with bacon bits, mushroom and poached egg. I’d love to order this again on my next visit. 
The 4 Cheese Grilled Cheese (PHP365) was pretty good as the combination of Monterey Jack, Yello Cheddar, Ementhal and Mozzarella created a nice and sharp cheesy taste. The soft brioche bread was also great as it was slightly buttery. For extra texture, I munched on the truffle potato chips on the side. 
I wasn’t too crazy with the Shrimp Po Boy (PHP260) as I like my deep fried battered shrimps in honey mayo dressing to be paired with rice and not bread. It just didn’t taste as good with bread for me. Again, this one was served with the delightful truffle potato chips.
The Chicken and Waffle Sandwich (PHP320) was not unfamiliar to me as I’ve had chicken and waffle combo before elsewhere. However, it was my first time to enjoy it just like a sandwich. 
The thick fried chicken breast was sandwiched between two waffles. It’s something kids would like but I don’t think it’s for me.  
I wasn’t able to try the Fish and Fries (PHP295) but I heard that it’s pretty good. Single Origin made it healthier by using oatmeal instead of flour to coat its fish fillet. One serving of this comes with spinach cream sauce and truffle fries

Soon, the benedicts arrived and the serious foodies were drooling over the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce
The Homemade Corned Beef Benedict (PHP350) was pretty good. It came in thin slabs instead of shredded and it was quite tasty and went well with the garlic parmesan potato hash. The poached egg delivered and satisfied our desire for egg porn. However, some foodies felt that each plate was short of hollandaise sauce. Same comment was true for the Short Ribs Benedict (PHP565). 
Hollandaise shortage aside, I loved the BBQ braised short ribs. It was soft, succulent and flavorful. 

We capped the night with Blueberry Sweet Corn Ice Cream Sundae (PHP295), Strawberry Cream Cheese Waffles (PHP375) and Dark Chocolate Strawberry (PHP380).
I loved the sweet strawberry cream cheese waffles as the waffles were soft and fluffy. It would have been nicer if the edges were a bit crisp. 
Then again, it might have actually been crispy if only I didn’t drown it with Vermont maple syrup. 
I didn’t really fancy the sundae as it wasn’t sweet enough for me. 
The corn ice cream, kernels and popcorn were overpowered by the blueberry compote and I don’t think it was meant to be like that. 
But the award for dessert of the night went to Dark Chocolate French Toast. 
The brioche was so soft and very chocolatey creating a divine contrast with the slightly tangy strawberry bits. The almond slices added crunch to the heavenly dessert.
Overall, it was a lovely night. Aside from the huge feast, Single Origin also treated us to unlimited wine! And if you want to feast on some of Single Origin’s dishes without hurting the wallet, do book your table through Booky to get some discounts and freebies! 

Single Origin is located at Ground Floor, Edades Garden, Amorsolo corner Rockwell Drive, Rockwell, Makati City.

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