Monday, January 30, 2012

Kapitolyo Food Stop: Mad Mark's

I heard a lot of good reviews about this new sandwich place in Kapitolyo and since Kapitolyo is one of my “target” venues for food trips this year, it gave me the added push to visit it this month. Right after lunch at Ramen Cool, my friend and I drove to Mad Mark’s.
The place had this nautical feel as there were red and white hues all over. It was also small and there was only one parking space in front. 
We were still full from our lunch and our short walk around Pioneer Center didn’t help burn all those calories but we were determined to have at least two stops that day. We decided to order just a half of Mariner (PHP150; PHP220 for man sandwich) to share and a cup of Mandheling Macchiato ice cream for dessert (PHP68 for one scoop; PHP98 for two scoops). 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kapitolyo Food Stop: Ramen Cool

As part of my 2012 plans, I will be visiting all restaurants in Kapitolyo. I have already tried Nav, Cafe Juanita, St. Geralds, Share Tea, Soho, Three Sisters, Poco Deli, Mad Marks, and Rub Ribs. Just a few more to go. Food trip anyone?

I love checking out new restaurants. I’m sure that I have mentioned this several times already (but the three words “I love salmon” must have been repeated way more). Disclaimer: I will say these again… very soon.


I got so excited when a colleague told me that there’s a new restaurant that recently opened near my place and where I work. (Convenient!) I-just-have-to-try-it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Katy Perry Manila Dream Awesome Find!

Yesterday was an interesting day for me as it was my first time to watch a concert. Surprisingly, it was not as loud as I thought. People were also well-behaved. Maybe I had wrong ideas on what happens during concerts.But one thing remained true... the long wait. But because of that, I discovered something awesome!!!

I love to observe. I usually check what's happening left and right [when I'm not doing anything]. The people around me were getting bored and I was getting tired of entertaining myself with thumb wrestling. Then I heard my seatmate say, "it's so clear!". It made me curious that I just had to check out whatever she was holding (discreetly of course). 


Friday, January 20, 2012

Rub at First Sight: Rub Ribs & BBQ

Ribs. Who doesn’t love them? Even those on a diet cannot resist the big slab of oh so good meat with overflowing barbeque sauce. I could testify. I momentarily forgot my diet--at least for a good 2 hours.
Finally, Rub Ribs! I’ve been hearing a lot of good reviews about this place. I know three colleagues who could not stop raving about it and I just have to try it. Actually, the reason why we had a “rib lunch out” today was because of my colleague’s addiction to the place.
The place was quite small and parking was a bit difficult that we had to park on the other side of the street. The place also has another side business—SMILE intervention center.
We were all very hungry so we ordered within 2 minutes. I ordered the Singles—half slab with one side dish (I ordered Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes) and plain rice (PHP190), an additional side dish of Buttered Vegetables (PHP65) Soup of the Day—Cream of Potato Soup (PHP100), and Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream (PHP140).

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Restaurant Favorite: Trattoria Gourmet's

For some reason, if we’re at home, we always forget to have lunch. It happened again last Sunday as we left for mass at around 4PM already. We felt really hungry when the mass was about to start. *Fasting mode on*

My sister was so excited and slightly grumpy when we settled down at Trattoria Gourmet’s. She quickly ordered her favorite Four Cheese Pizza (PHP305 for 8 slices) while I ordered Mushroom Soup (PHP175) Salmone al Sparkling Wine (PHP425), Spaghetti Mare Monti (PHP295) and Calamansi shake (PHP60) to help digest all the food I’ll be eating.

Usually, Trattoria Gourmet’s serve waiting baskets filled with toasted bread and two dips—liver and pesto but it took them about 15 minutes to serve the basket that Sunday whereas before they used to serve it as soon as people sit down. [Of-all-days-why-today-when-dear-sister-is-cranky was the only thing on my head at that moment.]

Monday, January 16, 2012

Restaurant Discovery: Ganso-Shabuway

I am an official sucker for new places. As long as I see an “opening soon” sign, I make sure that I’ll try it before it turns 6 months old. Yes, even if I am not fond of the food it will serve. That’s how addicted I am to new places. Don’t get me wrong though as I love old places too as long as I have never been there (with the exemption of Intramuros for that’s just too classic not to visit again).
That was the first thing you’ll hear once you step inside Ganso-Shabuway. 

The place was packed when we arrived. But the turnover was pretty fast. We just waited for ONE MINUTE before we got a table. Fast, isn’t it?

I have a confession to make… I do not like shabu-shabu. In fact, I hate it. (It shocks me that I do not like this Japanese dish considering I am a Japanese wannabe who is in love with everything Japanese […food related that is].) But since I’ve never been to this place, my I-just-have-to-try-it-even-though-I-might-just-waste-some-hard-earned-money mentality prevailed.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First Bite: Banapple

I've heard of Banapple years ago but since I used to find Katipunan very far (being an Ortigas girl), I never got the chance to visit Banapple (yes, even when they opened another branch in Makati). Luckily, my mom told me that she'll drive me there this weekend. And she kept her promise.
Despite being full from our heavy lunch, we went straight to Banapple before heading back home.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My First Bite: Jatujak

After a fun pamper me day that fattened our wallets… with receipts, my friend and I decided to have a not-so-heavy dinner as we were still digesting the food we ate from Mesa.
We were planning to eat at this Persian restaurant along Mega Strip but we got lazy after doing a quick grocery. We then decided to eat at Jatujak instead as it passed my one and only requirement: must be a restaurant I have never been to before. It was odd though as I am a frequent diner of Pho Hoa. I guess I have really not been fond of Thai food before. 
The place was quite small but you can’t deny the Thai ambiance with the purple motif of the restaurant. Service was also quick. The waiter gave us a menu as soon as we sat down. Perhaps, it was because we sat near where the owner was busy computing the day’s sales figures.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Unexpected Exotic Food Stop: Mesa Filipino Moderne

New Year’s Resolution #2: Eat more exotic dishes! Partly checked.
My friend and I met up one Saturday afternoon to pamper ourselves and to simply pig out afterwards. Yes, you could call this one of those blissful moments where you just spend and spend then regret afterwards when you start getting rid of those receipts fattening your wallet and realize that your wallet is very “anorexic”.
We met around 12:30PM to have lunch together and I suggested Mesa simply because I have never tried dining there before. She was actually interested to try Yabu: The House of Katsu but I had to literally drag her to the other side (corner actually) for selfish reasons.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello, Moshi Moshi!

It all started when I saw a friend posted about going to this new restaurant. The name alone was a big giveaway that the place was a Japanese restaurant. But what really made me go there was because it sells KitKat in various flavors.
Hello, Moshi Moshi! Redundant? Well, not really.
Finally, after almost 2 months of planning, I was able to visit Moshi Moshi, a restaurant owned by my new friend J (who also bought the Shiro Shiro coupons).

Friday, January 6, 2012

Restaurant Rediscovery: Cibo

It was the 27th of December and we had a scheduled client presentation. I was quite okay with it as I didn’t really have any special plans during the holidays. I didn’t even file any leave (well, I filed for half day on the 29th to meet up with friends and to look for Jenga) as I was trying to save it for February and April. 

Our presentation ended a bit over 12NN and our Group Publisher asked everyone to have lunch at Shangri-la… Plaza not Hotel. (Tsk.)

We were thinking of Cibo, C2, Clawdaddy, and just about all other restaurants with names that start with the letter C (I guess we were hungry then). Majority chose Cibo.
It has been a while since I last ate at Cibo as my sister’s not a fan of the restaurant (and as based on most of my entries, my sister and I go out a lot thus my restaurant picks are limited with what she prefers). I was quite excited. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Restaurant Favorite: Via Mare

It was my first time to host a Malaysian CSer. I had no idea what to do as I have posted in my profile that I am only willing to meet up for coffee or whatnot. But since it was Christmas Eve, I wanted to be a host for a day.

December 24, 2011, 2PM. 
We have this Filipino tradition of bringing foreigners/tourists to Filipino restaurants and share with them how magnificent Filipino dishes are. But since my friend and I met at Shangri-La, we were left with C2, Via Mare, Recipes and the food court as options.  Well, since I wanted to be the greatest host-for-a-day ever, I brushed off the food court and decided to have lunch at Via Mare instead (since they also serve palitaw which I have been craving for months!).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Recipe To A Happy Tummy

Three months in the making and still, we were clueless on where to eat.

My friend and I have been planning to have dinner for the longest time. It took us 3 months before we finally got our schedules right and decided to push through with our dinner date. The problem though was that we had no idea where to eat. We met up a bit late so most restaurants were already packed with diners. Then I remembered one restaurant that I haven’t been to and told my friend about it. We both agreed to have dinner there and soon we were at Recipes by CafĂ© Metro browsing through the menu.
Fresh from the salon as I had my hair trimmed (not cut as I really want to have a perm this year) I ordered the Lechong Kawali with Kangkong (PHP215) and Gising Gising (PHP170) simply because both were tagged with M meaning these are among the restaurant’s specialties or bestsellers. My friend, fresh too, from Binondo, on the other hand opted for the Crispy Tilapia (PHP215), yet another restaurant specialty. I was planning to have calamansi shake as it burns calories faster but they were out of calamansi so I had Green Mango Shake (PHP85) instead.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Singapore via MRT: Sentosa

Who knew that you do not have to go to Singapore to visit Sentosa? Okay, perhaps that was a lame joke. Let me do the introduction again. A friend told me that he went to Sentosa (the restaurant) a few months ago to celebrate his birthday and said that the food there was pretty good. I actually did not notice the new restaurant before as I hardly go to the 6th floor ever since I discovered Pages Deli and became addicted to it. 
As much as possible, my grade school (yes, elementary) friends and I try to meet up at least once a year and the most interesting thing is that nothing seemed to change. (Well, except for the fact that they now bring their special someone with them while I carry a paper bag fresh from a store. Jenga was my date that night.) I’m just glad that we all stayed as friends.
When two of my friends finally confirmed, I instantly suggested that we try Sentosa for (1) I heard a good review about it and (2) it might be something worth blogging.
We got complimentary sweetened nuts while waiting.
Rule #1: Do not let me hold the menu.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 2012 List

Pessimists say that 2012 is the end of the world but optimists like me think that this is the year full of food, laughter, and just about anything that would make you think of double rainbow (remember that YouTube video?).

Every year, I plan my New Year’s Goals similar to a bucket list but with a shorter time frame. It thrills me every time I get to cross out some of the goals. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to accomplish a lot last 2011. I only managed to get rid of about 5 or 6 only from my list of 25. But this year, I am more determined to cross out at least half of what I will be mentioning below. 

Ever since my first ever ride last November, I can’t help but gush for more! This means more Binondo and Intramuros trips too. I hope to get to ride it 20 times this year!

I failed to eat lamb parts last time I went on an exotic food trip. I will not give up and visit Manila again for exotic dishes. I have already crossed out uok (larva of beetles), frogs, crickets, turtle and crocodile.

I think this is the most magical moment… ever.