Thursday, November 8, 2018

My Cup of Tea: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Tea Appreciation Workshop

I've attended a few wine pairing sessions but tea pairing is definitely something new to me. And when I got an invite to attend Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's tea appreciation event with its Tea Master David de Candia, I quickly said yes.

Hello, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has established itself as a brand that serves great selection of beverages and dishes making it an ideal place for a quick drink or meal. Though coffee tends to take center stage, CBTL's tea selection is also worth checking out. And I had a fantastic time learning which sweet treat would go best with different teas.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

New Favorite: Kumori's Premium Cheese Loaf

Kumori is my default store when it comes to Hanjuku Cheese, dinner rolls and krones. The brand definitely lives to its tagline "bite into clouds" with its soft and fluffy baked goods. And its Premium Cheese Loaf was just as heavenly. 

Hello, Kumori
I find fluffy bread irresistible and Kumori's Premium Cheese Loaf (PHP160) is a dream come true. Each bite was indeed soft and flavorful with its buttery taste and cheese bits. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

New Bites at Tsuta

Christmas is fast approaching and its cool night breeze never fails to make me crave for a hot bowl of soup or ramen. And I sure am glad that Tsuta was our last stop for our FOODEE Crawl.

Hello again, Tsuta.
Tsuta has been one of the most talked about ramen joints since it opened last December. It was hard not to be curious about this place given it is the first ever ramen shop to earn a prestigious Michelin star. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

New Bites at Sunnies Café

Sunnies Café has been known to be one of the best places for Instagram-worthy snapshots. But more than those pastel colored pictures, its bang for the buck dishes will tickle you pink. And same is true for its new dishes.

Hello, Sunnies Café
I still remember the first time I visited Sunnies Café. It was during its opening day and the famous gals behind the successful brand Sunnies were there too for a shoot. Fast forward to two years later, Sunnies Café still remains as one of the favorite spots of millennials (and surprisingly titas of Manila as well). 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

New Favorites at Bench Café

Bench is one amazing brand. From a humble retail store, it has expanded to more than just selling clothes. Now seen as a lifestyle brand, it now has spin off brands like Bench Fix and one of its more recent ventures, Bench Café. Its festive and flavorful dishes were instant hit to the BGC market that even those not within the area brave the traffic just to have a taste of the famous Tinapa Cones, Sisig and to die for Halo-Halo. And its newest dishes charmed us as easy as counting 1-2-3. 

Hello again, Bench Café
Bench Café recently revamped its menu and added some stellar new favorites in its menu. Now offering more a la carte dishes perfect for sharing, Bench Café becomes a family destination. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Christmas Hack: Alternatives Food Corporation's Holiday Packages

Christmas shopping is one of the tasks I both love and hate to do. I love that I get to spoil the people special to me on this happy season but the insane holiday traffic makes shopping a daunting task. This is why I've decided to have some trusted suppliers for my Christmas gifts. Lately, I've been relying on Alternatives Food Corporation for my steak needs and I was thrilled when I found out that they offer Christmas packages perfect as gifts for fellow meat lovers. 

Hello, perfect Christmas gift!
I always find it hard to buy people gifts so I always end up buying the safest present... food. And when I found out that Alternatives Food Corporation now offers Christmas packages, the santa in me shouted "bingo"!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Love at First Bite: Papas

POTATO. Think of Gru's minions saying this word and you'd get an idea on how crazy I am with anything made with potatoes. And when I spotted this kiosk that sells fresh fried potato chips, I just have to give it a try. 

Hello, Papas!
I was walking around the south side of SM Mall of Asia looking for something to snack on while waiting for a friend when I saw this unfamiliar kiosk. The first thing I noticed were the cone containers on the counter which I figured would be for some small bites. And to my delight, it was for potato chips! I love potato chips!

Monday, October 29, 2018

New Bites: Krispy Kreme's Halloween-Themed Doughnuts and Frozen Kreme Shakes

Halloween is one of the most celebrated events of the year. With kids and adults donning their favorite costumes and joining the merriment with sweet treats on hand, it isn't hard to love this day of the year. And to make things even more interesting, Krispy Kreme launched not just a couple of Halloween-themed doughnuts but nine creepily adorable ones!

Hello, Krispy Kreme!
Celebrating spooks fest with these adorable limited edition Halloween-themed doughnuts is one of the best ways to make one's party fun. 

Friday, October 26, 2018

A Colorful Night with Rémy Martin VSOP

You don't have to wait for Christmas or an occasion to take a sip of your favorite cognac. And with Rémy Martin's new look, we'd have more reason to celebrate.

Hello, Rémy Martin
Christmas just got even earlier with Rémy Martin's new limited edition bottle designed by world renowned artist, Matt W. Moore. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Two is Better than One: Max's Kabisera

With the local food scene getting crazier and crazier each day with the number of new brands and concepts opening in every corner, there are still classics that I go back to with Max's as one of my go to restaurants when it comes to Tofu Sisig, Pancit Canton and of course, fried chicken. And when it merged with my other favorite Filipino restaurant Kabisera, it felt like it was an early Christmas gift. 

Hello, Max's Kabisera.
Max's Kabisera came from the idea of merging two of Max's Group brands under one store to offer the best of both concepts resulting in a wide array of familiar dishes yet in a redefined dining experience and setting. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Love at First Bite: Hello Goodbites

I could never say no to cookies. I drool every time I get a whiff of freshly baked goodies and I hardly hesitate to click the like button whenever I see it in my feed. Lately, I'm in the hunt for cookies I could proudly give away for Christmas and I noticed a high school batch mate of mine offering her "rejects" for free. By rejects, I do not mean bad batch but more of it just came out the wrong size or cracked. Her strict quality control impressed me and piqued my interest. And a few days ago, I finally decided to comment on her post asking for the price list. 

Hi there, Hello Goodbites!
Hello Goodbites is a passion project by Loren Calo. What makes her cookie business a tough cookie to beat is that she ensures freshness in a different level. Your cookies are delivered as soon as it gets out of the oven! She bakes on weekdays and delivers it on the same day (or hour)! And if traffic cooperates, your order might reach your doorstep still warm.