Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Restaurant Favorite: Barcino

Zomato Gold has been the talk of town ever since it was launched last year. And when it was finally available, it limited its subscription to a small number making it feel exclusive and in high demand. As the weeks pass by, Zomato opens up its subscription on certain days with a perk of hanging out with select local celebrities. And with its enticing give back program to users, each Zomato Gold user serves as the app's ambassador. But even without it, the app's 1+1 deal on food and 2+2 on drinks is enough to encourage anyone to spread the word. And if you're still thinking if it is worth your PHP700, one visit at Barcino will have you subscribing in a second. 

Hello, Barcino.
R's friends decided to have a get together a few weeks back and opted to go with Barcino, a group favorite. This time, they chose to dine at its Greenbelt 2 branch. And I was giddy with their choice as it is part of Zomato Gold.

Monday, January 21, 2019

First Bite: Taisho

Ramen never fail to make my eyes sparkle. Just thinking about twirling noodles and slurping its rich yet delicate broth brings so much happy vibes. And last Tuesday, R and I visited an off the radar ramen joint in SM North Edsa.

Hello, Taisho.
This ramen and teppanyaki restaurant has been around for a few years now at SM Light Mall. It recently moved to SM North adding more Japanese selection to the bustling mall. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

First Bite: The Red Crab

I've been away most of the time these past weeks that I hardly get to see my family. But I make sure that I block at least a day in a month to see them over lunch or dinner. And a few weeks back, we decided to head to Eastwood and have lunch at The Red Crab. 

Hello, The Red Crab.
The stylized signage of The Red Crab never fails to catch my attention. But its fancy facade doesn't match its worn out interiors. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

First Sip: Nord's Bread Hub

Walking around any SM mall could be a dizzying experience. With each SM branch never seem to be running out of shoppers, I always find myself searching for a coffee shop to take a break. And one Wednesday, I found a great spot.

Hello, Nord's Bread Hub
This bread shop has been around for quite some time in SM North Edsa. I've always been curious with its offerings and how it compares with other establishments like Bread Talk and Kumori. However, I'm always full whenever I pass by and don't find motivation to buy a bread or two just to try it out. One afternoon though, I was looking for a place to grab a quick drink and figured to check out Nord's Bread Hub's Iced Green Tea Latte (PHP165).

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

First Bite: Minami Saki

I rarely go out on January 1st as I'm usually sleep deprived from all the jumping and eating the night before. But last year's festivities ended early and I went to sleep right after I welcomed 2019. Thinking that most would be lazy to go out due to the long night prior, I thought most would stay in to catch some sleep before greeting reality the next day. But I guess everyone was itching to go out for lunch as I couldn't secure seats in any of R's parents' favorite restaurants. Luckily, Minami Saki offered to save us seats at Astoria's cafe lounge and that we could still order its dishes from there. 

Hello, Minami Saki.
I've heard of Minami Saki from some foodie friends and they kept raving about its sushi. I've been eying to visit this gem along Escriva Drive but the traffic and R's unpredictable schedule always keep us away from dining here. I wasn't supposed to go for lunch here with R's parents as I just had breakfast then. But the curious foodie in me was itching to take a bite of Minami Saki's offerings. Needless to say, I joined last minute.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

First Sip: Milk Tea Taho

The craze for brown sugar milk tea has been around for months and it seems that it is about to get even wilder with new players coming in town. While some are dismissing how great these drinks are given that it's just "arnibal", sweets loving Filipinos are sure to continue to line up and patronize these establishments offering an alternative to our classic taho. But for those who can't decide if they want milk tea or taho, I found the perfect solution for you.

Hello, Soy Yummy!
Soy Yummy has been my go to kiosk for my taho needs when I couldn't get hold of Mr. Taho. I'd always get a large cup of hot taho whenever I spot one except one Friday afternoon when something else caught my attention. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

First Bite: Churchill

Capitol Commons has been my go to place whenever I want to have a relaxing shopping spree. With the place barely packed on any day of the week, it was the ideal shopping destination for those who want a break from socializing. However, this place changes at night! It evolves into this party hot spot filled with millennials. So what we thought to be a relaxed get together turned into something more than what titas and titos in us could handle. 

Hello, Churchill
Churchill is one of the most recent additions to the Capitol Commons dining and drinking scene. Positioned as a not so hidden speakeasy bar behind Highlands Bistro, R's friends figured that this would be a great place for a mini reunion. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

First Bite: St. Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert

Always save room for desserts. I've been using that line as an excuse to get my hands on some sweets even after indulging in a heavy meal. After all, there's a separate tummy space or compartment for cakes, ice cream and everything sweet right? 

Hello, St. Louis
This Australian cafe and ice cream parlor has been a favorite of many. I was told that this place offers not just great treats but superb service as well. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

First Bite: Aperitif

I've been dying to visit Aperitif after hearing and reading a lot of positive reviews from friends. And last Christmas, I finally got to drop by to try its popular Triple Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Hello, Aperitif.
Aperitif gained popularity selling graze boxes online. As the perfect present for all kinds of occasions, it grew its market base and even had corporate clients. And last year, it finally decided to open its own store in SM Aura. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

First Sip: T Bun

I was craving for milk tea for weeks but the crazy line for all the milk tea brands in town made me think otherwise. But when I couldn't take it anymore, I went for T Bun for it has the shortest queue. 

Hello, T Bun
This relatively new milk tea place in Bonifacio Global City seems to be the least favorite among all the  奶茶 ( naicha / năichá ) joints. But  it claims to offer the best bun and milk tea in town so it piqued my interest. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

365 Days of Gift Giving: Marks & Spencer

 Christmas may be over but the gift giving spirit is here to stay. And with our culture having an extended holiday celebration, there are still late Christmas parties and gatherings here and there to attend to. For those who had no time to shop for presents, Marks & Spencer got your back. 

Hello, Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer has always been a reliable brand for those last minute impressive gifts. From its fragrant body care products, comfy garments and mouthwatering snacks, each and every present I've bought here are well appreciated.