Friday, November 19, 2021

Rediscovering Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream

Christmas is just a few weeks away, but there does not seem to be a sign of the Manila getting cooler anytime soon. I survive the crazy weather by staying indoors, putting the A/C on full blast, and spoiling myself with cold treats! And I'm so happy to rediscover Magnolia's Gold Label ice cream. 

Hello, Magnolia Gold Label

With almost a century of ice cream-making expertise, Magnolia delighted the Filipino market with its lip-smacking desserts. It also plays a sweet part in some of our fondest memories with our loved ones. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Love At First Bite: Samsam Chikin

Happyfoods Group of Restaurants recently introduced its newest food concept, Samsam Chikin, two weeks ago. And it was nothing short of GREAT. 

With its recipes developed by the award-winning restaurateur, Mr. Sung Rah of Sariwon Korean Barbecue, Soban K-Town Grill, and Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ expect rich and bold flavors in every bite. 

Friday, October 8, 2021

New Normal: Online Grocery Shopping at All Day Supermarket

As much as I love being at home and spending 24/7 with Sam, I also miss doing my favorite errands. One monthly task I look forward to is grocery shopping. Just the thought of discovering new products excites me. It is also a great bonding activity for us. But with the pandemic far from ending, I have to be careful with how to get our daily supplies. The best and safest way is to shop online. And I am so happy with All Day Supermarket's user-friendly interface and superb service!

Hello, All Day Supermarket!

Friday, July 30, 2021

First Bite: Tenya Lokal Menu

It has been more than a year since the coronavirus pandemic hit the Philippines. With new variants coming in, it doesn't seem like the battle is ending anytime soon. Sadly, for many, this is not the only war they face each day. Thousands of Filipinos have lost their jobs and livelihood because of the pandemic. Countless faces struggled each day to make ends meet. But it was through dark times when the true essence of Bayanihan shines. And one stellar example is how restaurants uplift the local producers. Tenya did just that and more.

Hello, Tenya!

Tenya launched its farm-to-table initiative, where they complemented the Japan-sourced ingredients with those from our local farmers and fisherfolk. 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Daily's Diet: Eating Healthy Made Easy

I have a love and hate relationship with my postpartum body. I love how I can naturally nourish Sam with my breastmilk. But my intense dedication to providing as much milk led me to overindulge in lactation treats and drinks. Taking care of a very active baby and squeezing in 4 power pumps in one day made me eat for two (or even three). Daily's Diet meal plans made me realize that all I need is to choose smart and pick nutrition-packed food. And no, it doesn't have to taste bland for it to be healthy!

Hello, Daily's Diet.

Daily's Diet is one of the popular meal plan providers in the city. It has an extensive menu catering to those who prefer high protein, medical (low sodium), diabetic, and pescatarian. I chose a high protein, 2,000 calorie meal plan, as it could help me produce more milk. And with zero expectations, my first meal was delivered the following day.

Friday, April 16, 2021

The Newest Pizza Joint in Town: Corner Pizza by Kenny Rogers Roasters

Ever wonder why round pizzas are placed inside square boxes? I Googled it, and it says that a square box helps secure the pizza and its toppings. It may be true, but I always find the space in the corners to be a waste. That is until I discovered Corner Pizza by Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Hello, Corner Pizza.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Food Delivery Finds: Aedan's Burger

I have been eating a lot of galactagogues since I gave birth a few months ago. I stuff myself with everything that would make me produce more milk. Too much that I shut down ideas of giving in to what I want to eat. But now that my milk supply stabilized, I could finally take a bit of a break and indulge. And the first thing I did was grab a double patty burger.

Hello, Aedan’s Burger.

Aedan’s Burger is one of the newest burger joints in Manila. Established during a global pandemic, Aedan’s has put attention in making its products readily available via delivery.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

My Breastfeeding Journey

As a first time mom, I was clueless about so many things despite reading a ton of articles on raising a newborn. It was painful to see your child crying and not knowing what's wrong. I doubted myself and questioned if I was producing enough milk during the first few weeks postpartum. The sleepless nights didn't matter. What was more important was seeing Sam satisfied and full. And it was a struggle at first. But it's true what most moms say; it gets better. So hang in there, momma. 

I felt like a baby bird who got kicked out of the nest after getting discharged. With the aid of nurses and lactation consultants abruptly gone, I was back to being unsure about my every move. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Roast 2020 with Kenny Rogers Roasters

2020 is not the favorite year of many. With several crazy things that happened, the Australia wildfire and the Taal Volcano eruption seemed so small for some. The global pandemic takes the top spot but we also cannot ignore the damages typhoons Rolly and Ulysses did to several cities a couple of months back. And while all of us are still struggling to cope with the new normal, others are still trying to stand on both feet after months of lockdown. 2020 is one year hard to forget (and perhaps get over with) and this is why Kenny Rogers created a space for everyone to roast the year and put it behind us, with fire! Literally.

Hello, Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Kenny Rogers thought of a creative way to let steam off by literally roasting the year in a delectable way. With meat shaped as 2020, it was roasted last December 29, live on Facebook, as people commented below their best roasts for 2020. 

Friday, December 18, 2020

A Celebration Must-Have: S.A.L.O. Lechon Belly Kitchen

Christmas is just around the corner, yet I could barely feel it. Sure, the breeze is a bit cooler than usual. But the lack of festive and colorful lights make it seem like galaxies away. The coronavirus coupled with damages caused by several typhoons has dampened our high spirits. But we should not let it stop us from celebrating this special occasion with our loved ones. And I'm so glad to discover the perfect Filipino spread that will surely tickle everyone's taste buds!

Hello, S.A.L.O. Lechon Belly Kitchen.

Its name says it all. S.A.L.O. is a food concept that specializes in Filipino dishes that are great for gatherings and potlucks. Its highlighted product, lechon belly, is a sure hit at any party with its perfectly crispy skin and succulent meat. 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Quarantine Favorite: Motorino

I have a great fondness for Italian cuisine. Its practice of using the freshest ingredients never fails to give the most memorable dining experiences. And the best thing is that you don't even have to spend thousands to get it. Traveling to Italy made me realize that whether it's a Michelin-starred restaurant or a ready-made dish at the supermarket, everything was downright superb! I'm so glad that such quality is brought to Manila by Motorino.

Hello, Motorino.

Motorino has been around for years. It was one of the restaurants R and I had our early dates. I recall loving its gelato! This time around, I enjoyed a delicious feast composed of pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert.