Thursday, June 4, 2020

My First Pabili Experience

The Enhanced Community Quarantine made me into an online shopaholic! I get easily influenced to buy whatever I see posted on social media. And when I spotted the seasonal (and rather evasive) star apple on Instagram, I had a sudden strong desire to have some too. After all, summer is never complete without indulging in a few of this delicious fruit. But with our helpers having no access to the market, I had to ask for help online. And here's my kaimito story.

Star Apple or what most Filipinos know as Kaimito is a summer staple. It's so seasonal that it is often out of the market in less than a month. 
I wanted some during the first few weeks of the Manila lockdown and messaged several online fruit stores. Unfortunately, none carry star apple. I got desperate and posted on Let's Eat Pare hoping to get a lead on where to buy. One suggested that I add myself to those pabili Facebook groups. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Love at First Bite: Goto Tendon

The Coronavirus pandemic left almost everyone paranoid. We'd freak out at the sound of a soft cough or tiny sneeze and take several steps back with fear plastered on our faces. We got used to sanitizing almost everything and practice social distancing. Yet, we don't know if that's enough. And when R got a fever a few weeks back, we were a bit panicky and had no idea what to do. All I could think of was to feed him good food. Thankfully, Goto Tendon was open for take-out. 

Hello, Goto Tendon.
Goto Tendon has been one of the highly-rated goto/pares places in Manila. It may be a bit new in the goto or pares scene but its mouthwatering offerings and affordable prices made it an instant hit and favorite to many. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Food Delivery Favorite: Kopi Roti

Kopi Roti has always been my go-to airport snack whenever I fly from NAIA Terminal 3. I'd grab a couple of its delectable Kopi Buns to munch on as I wait for my flight (which more often than not gets delayed). But the lockdown made traveling impossible and I was already missing my favorite flight snack come May. Thankfully, they opened a few stores to have our Kopi Roti top picks available. 

Hello, Kopi Roti.
Kopi Roti is one of the pioneers in Manila that offer kaya toasts. Though I've had some of its staple Singaporean dishes, including kaya toast, I always go back to its fragrant Kopi Buns

Monday, June 1, 2020

Love at First Bite: Kitchen Corner by Zula Hostel

There's no denying that food delivery is now part of the new normal. As more and more restaurants now offer in-house or through food app deliveries, ordering food for lunch or dinner gets a bit harder each day. I'm not complaining though as this allows me to try new restaurants with just a few clicks and without getting stuck in traffic. And I'm so happy to discover a new favorite-- Kitchen Corner by Zula Hostel.

Hello, Kitchen Corner by Zula Hostel.
Kitchen Corner is a new player in the very busy street of Makati Avenue. It opened primarily to service Zula Hostel's guests. But the ECQ made it shift its attention to cater to a wider market. And I am glad that they did as I got to try its superb dishes!

Thursday, May 28, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Pizza Hut's Stay@Home Group Deals

There has been an ongoing debate on whether pineapples deserve to be on pizzas or not. Purists would go crazy and refuse the idea while the more casual foodies wouldn't mind. I'm part of the latter. And to be honest, I love Pizza Hut's Hawaiian Pizza. So it was just natural for me to be thrilled when I heard the news that Pizza Hut launched Stay@Home Group Deals, a new promo that includes my favorite pizza!

Hello, Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut has been one of my favorite pizza brands since I was young. My mom would often bring a box or two home. I also still remember those college days when I'd swing by its kiosk at SM Megamall and grab two slices for an afternoon snack. And the habit stuck with me till now. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Orell's by Pempeyo

Being stuck at home surely made resisting junk food an everyday challenge during the lockdown. I grew up snacking on chips and sweet stuff while lounging on the sofa as I  watched my favorite shows. Thankfully, I discovered a healthier alternative to satisfy my desire to snack.  

Hello, Orell's!
Orell's is a local brand known for its superb crunchy snacks. It carries crowd favorites banana thins (in original and cinnamon flavors), potato thins, cassava thins, taro thins, and sweet potato thins. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

ECQ Food Delivery: Bowl'd

While many sharpen their culinary skills during the lockdown, I heavily relied on food deliveries. And I was so happy that the list of restaurants offering food deliveries grow each day. A new addition to my list is Bowl'd. 

Hello, Bowl'd.
Bowl'd has been around since 2018 and was a favorite by budget-conscious foodies. With its rice bowls priced under PHP200, it's hard for anyone to go wrong. 

Monday, May 25, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Lydia's Lechon

Two months passed since the start of Manila's lockdown. But I don't miss dining out at all as most of my favorites are just a call or a few clicks away. One thing I didn't expect to munch on during ECQ is the roast pig from the Pinoy favorite, Lydia's Lechon.

Hello, Lydia's Lechon.
Lydia's Lechon launched Lechon in a Box a few months ago which was an instant hit. And to make things more interesting (and yummier), Lydia's came up with something to delight us during the ECQ-- Family Boxes. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Big Al's Cookie Jar

Big Al's has been one of the hottest brands in town when it comes to chocolate cake. I've been meaning to buy some but easily get discouraged whenever I find out that it's sold out. But I was determined to get some for Mother's Day this year and tried my best to get a slot for its May 9 pick up. And here's my Big Al's story. 

Hello, Big Al's.
Big Al's has been named as the number one chocolate cake brand in Manila by Being ranked as such would make anyone's expectation shoot up. And the fact that its 100 order slots get filled in less than 30 minutes is a strong proof that it's popular among foodies. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Merashian

With many foodies stuck at home, several were able to unleash their hidden culinary skills and were not shy with sharing it with the very active Let's Eat Pare  Facebook group. And that's where I spotted several mouthwatering bilo-bilo posts which made me crave for it. I asked our cook to make some but we were short on ingredients and couldn't find sago or glutinous rice balls despite the two grocery runs. It was timely though that I stumbled upon Merashian. 

Hello, Merashian
Merashian is one of the popular home-based businesses during Manila's Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). I heard of this brand when someone from the village spearheaded mass ordering for Merashian. Its crowd favorites are its Ginataang Halo-Halo with Ube Halaya and Cheese Bilo-Bilo (PHP250, 1L | PHP350, 1.7L) and Chicken Pie (PHP600, 10 pieces).  

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Bread & Breakfast Baked Treats

I love bread! I'd usually grab a piece or two and smother it with my favorite jam for breakfast. And when I have extra time, I add some cold cuts, fresh greens, and a slice or two of cheese for a yummier sandwich. But why bother when you can have your savory baked treats by just ordering from Bread & Breakfast?

Hello, Bread & Breakfast
Bread & Breakfast is a new player in the growing community of home bakers. Unlike most that specialize in sweet treats, this newcomer focuses on puff pastries, rolls, and croissants.