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Cheat Sheet to Shake Shack Philippines

There's no denying that Shake Shack is one of the most awaited burger joint openings this 2019. With the brand teasing us as early as late last year, many fans have two questions in mind-- when it will open and how much a burger would cost. And we got our answers last week when Shake Shack held its first media preview to select channels and personalities with the announcement that Shake Shack Philippines will open on May 10. But along the excitement for its first day comes some heated debate on which burger is best. Some claim that Shake Shack's burgers are ridiculously priced for a fast food chain while others say that their favorites are far superior compared to Shake Shack's. I'm no burger connoisseur but here's my take on Shake Shack. 

Hello, Shake Shack Philippines!
The popular and iconic New York burger shop finally opens its doors in Manila this May and its pioneer store is massive! It can sit 120 guests at a time and it has four counters to speed up the queue which is expected to be crazy for the next coming months.
First thing I noticed was the cheaper prices compared to its Seoul and Tokyo counterparts. Prices in Manila are about PHP40 to PHP80 cheaper. 
Taken from Shake Shack Korea (2017)
Perhaps our raw materials are cheaper too causing the favorable price difference. The most pocket friendly burger in the menu is a single patty ShackBurger (PHP250| PHP410, double). 
Though it may come off as still expensive for its size as other chains would offer double patty at this price but its beefy and perfectly grilled patties would make you feel that you're getting your money's worth. 
The burger I got was a bit bland but can be easily made extra tasty by ketchup and even cheese sauce!
There's also SmokeShack (PHP365 | PHP525) which is perfect for bacon lovers as this one comes with all-natural Applewood smoked bacon. 
Photo by Shake Shack
Another popular choice by many is 'Shroom Burger (PHP445). This meat-free burger received so much hype with its generous serving of muenster and cheddar cheese stuffed inside a golden fried portobello mushroom. Expect satisfying gooey cheese ooze out after one ginormous bite. 
And no burger meal would be complete without fries! You can choose between Fries (PHP130) and Cheese Fries (PHP180). I'd recommend the normal fries so that you get to fully enjoy the flavor of your burger
If you're feeling extra hungry, you might have space for Shake Shack's Flat-Top Dogs. Shack-cago Dog (PHP250) is your "the works" dog. Topped with relish, onions, cucumber, pickles, tomato, sport pepper, celery, salt and mustard, this is definitely not your usual dog in a bun. Tasty in every bite, expect a burst of different textures and flavors. But if you prefer the classic kind, Shake Shack also offers all-beef Hot Dog (PHP200) with an option to add Shack Cheese Sauce for PHP50.
Photo by Shake Shack
There are several Manila exclusive items you shouldn't miss. Crowd favorites are the Concretes (PHP250, single | PHP350, double) or frozen custard blended with mix-ins (similar with McFlurry) which has a Filipino flair to it. Shack Attack is your classic chocolate custard made chunkier with Bucky's original brownie, Auro chocolate bits mixed with fudge sauce and topped with chocolate sprinkles. This is definitely a must try for chocolate lovers. Calamansi Pie Oh My is a combination of Shake Shack's vanilla custard with Wildflour's bestselling calamansi pie. Tangy in every bite, this is a lovely treat to complete your Shake Shack experience! But nothing beats Uuube-by baby in putting up the Philippine flag. This purple dessert is a mix of vanilla custard, ube, coconut marshmallow, ube cookie, toasted coconut and crispy pinipig topped with silky leche flan. 
For drinks, there are the Classic Hand-spun Shakes (PHP190) available in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, black and white, salted caramel, peanut butter and coffee. Floats (PHP190) are also available for those who want something lighter. 
Manila Exclusives Ube Shake (PHP190) and Calamansi Limeade (PHP130 | PHP160) are also great options! Ube Shake tends to be a bit too thick though which borders as dessert. So those who are not fond of sweet drinks would enjoy Calamansi Limeade more. 
Chilling with friends? Grab a beer or two with your burger! Shake Shack Philippines offer brews from Engkanto Brewery, Monkey Eagle Brewery, and San Miguel
Wines are also in the menu for those who want things to be a bit fancy. 
Photo by Shake Shack
And here's a special treat for fans with doggos... Shake Shack also offers doggie treats for PHP150. 
If it's your first time in Shake Shack with only PHP500 to spare, go for a single patty ShackBurger, Fries and Calamansi Limeade. For PHP1,000 budget, add a single serving of frozen custard and Ube Shake or try 'Shroom Burger too. 
Taken from Shake Shack Korea (2017)
Indeed it may put a dent in the wallet to eat here regularly but I am fully embracing the idea of having a bite of Shake Shack's awesome burgers from time to time.
So, see you on May 10? Line starts at 6 a.m. but store opens at 11 a.m. :)

Here's the full menu for your reference. 
Shake Shack opens its first store at Ground Floor, Central Square, 5th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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