Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Worth It or Not: The Dessert Museum

Who wouldn't get excited by the idea of a dessert museum? A chocoholic like me went crazy and spammed a lot of friends when I found out that one is opening here in Manila. I got excited too with the idea of feasting on sweets while inside one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in the city. I was not sure though if it would be worth the entrance fee so I decided to wait for a couple of weeks before I decide to purchase a ticket or not. But dessert gods must be pleased with me and I got an unexpected pass to sweet land. 

Hello, The Dessert Museum.
Located at the ground floor of S'Maison, it would be hard to miss this Instagram heaven with its quirky facade. Strict with reservation schedules, we were in front of the museum 30 minutes before our slot. 
We were quickly briefed by our tour guide prior to entering the museum who reminded us some guidelines such as the time limit per room (as to avoid overlapping with the next batch) and that there are certain ingredients on some desserts which might not be allowed for some guests. We were also given these pink bands that we need to claim our desserts.
Soon, we were off to the Doughnut room! 
There are two ways to enter this room, either via stairs or slide. I was scared at first to take the short slide as it looked pretty steep from the top. But after some friends took it, I realized that it is very safe for everyone. 
Given that I'm more used to taking photos than being the subject in front of the camera, I struggled how to pose with the several doughnuts hanging. I read somewhere that you have to make sure to have several pose ideas to get the most out of your PHP799. 
And it's true. I was lucky since our visit was quite exclusive and we were less than 15 in the batch giving each one enough space to take photos. 
But if you have zero idea of how to act in front of the camera and have to battle for your space, you won't get much out of this trip except the desserts. 
The second room is the Marshmallow room which has pretty much the same theme as the Doughnut room. There are marshmallows hanging from the ceiling and bigger and softer versions were on the wall. 
This room also offers "real" dessert where each guest is entitled one big mallow which you could dip in strawberry or chocolate sauce. 
Sadly, I wasn't crazy about it. 
To get to the third room, you have to choose between two doors, naughty or nice. Don't worry, you'll end up in the same room. 
The third room is dedicated to candy cane and is where you'll find the popular seesaw. Most of us almost missed some hidden corners of this room such as:
Candy Shelves
Fly (swing)
and Kisses
Also, don't forget to grab your strawberry or blueberry macaron here. 
The fourth room is all about ice cream and where you can get a mini milky strawberry popcicle. 
This room can be very challenging if you're with a big group as there are a lot of blank areas and you have to wait for your turn to get on the ice cream hot air balloon. 
Another popular room in Instagram is the Bubble Gum room where you can be inside the giant gum dispenser. 
I went straight to the sixth room, Gummy Bear room after seeing my friends lining up to get in the dispenser that I totally missed the giant bubble ring. Oh well. 
The Gummy Bear room is one of my favorites as you could do a lot of things there. You can sit on one of the three tubs, jump using the trampoline, or simply hug one of the giant bears. 
You could also get some gummy bears here. (Just don't expect a lot.)
Cotton Candy room is next and it's like entering a pink forest. There's also an are that mimics a cotton candy machine. 
Don't forget your cotton candy here. And ask them to hold the powdered milk if you don't want any in yours. 
The last room is the Cake Pops room. We were reminded by our guide that we can ride the cake pops but we should avoid swinging it as it's not meant to be swung. Good thing that I was not really in the mood to channel the Miley Cyrus in me. (Well, I've never really tried to act like her.)
And on our way out, we got cake pops, the sixth and last treat from the tour. 

I had fun trying to bring out the lifestyle blogger in me but I couldn't help make funny (or funny to me) poses instead. I was just a bit disappointed with how the word museum took the backseat. Indeed, there were some information about the different desserts but they could have made it more interactive so that people do pay attention to it. 

The question remains, is it worth PHP799? It depends. 
If you are after to have your taste buds tickled and have a gastronomic experience, this is not the place for you. The desserts are just ordinary and nothing special. But if you want to do something different with your friends or loved ones and have content for your social media accounts, then maybe. But if you have to save up just to get in, I don't recommend you to buy tickets. There are other Instagram-worthy places to go to with friends.
Thank you, The Hungry Duo and The Dessert Museum for having us!

The Dessert Museum is located at Ground Floor, S'Maison, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. Tickets are priced at PHP799 for walk-in and PHP699 for online reservation. They also do flash sales for tickets so best to check their social media accounts first before scheduling or purchasing tickets.

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