Friday, November 15, 2013

Foodie Alert: Butterbeer Frappuccino?!?

Harry Potter has been known as a  series of books and movies people of all ages enjoyed. My sister for one got instantly hooked to the movie adaptation when we were in a Harry Potter crash course appreciation program just so we could truly enjoy Universal Studios. Unfortunately, I wasn't converted into a muggle. But I do remember enjoying the 4D ride and the drink they call... Butterbeer.
Oh butterbeer! The last time I got to taste you was way back in 2011 and I miss you so much! I dream of the sweet taste, the little foam, the delectable aroma.
But great news! Starbucks is finally offering butterbeer. Well, sort of.
Image from
Thanks to Starbucks Holiday drinks, we can now request butterbeer from our friendly baristas. Just tell them these:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Jolly Christmas Ahead?

Facebook has become my source of the latest news (and gossip). It never fails to give me interesting reads. Last week, one particular news that caught my attention was Jollibee's latest offering...

Jollibee's Dancing Doll.
Image from Jollibee's Facebook page
Okay, my initial reaction was, who would want that?! The doll looked creepy in so many ways. But I guess the picture did not give the doll justice as after watching the teaser, I want not one but three for myself!!!
Here's another video of a kid with her new toy. Apparently, it sings too! If you attended a birthday party at Jollibee, you'd recognize the song. It's the song Jollibee sings and dances to. *cute*

Sunday, November 10, 2013


The typhoon Yolanda has created havoc in several  parts of the Philippines, specifically Tacloban, Leyte with an alarmingly high death toll.  

People have come together once again to reach out to these affected areas. Many have gathered to bring relief goods and those who cannot help financially gave their time to pack the goods and helped have it ready to be shipped to the affected cities. 
However, it has also been reported that there are some trucks that do not make it to the victims as these were attacked. A mall too was looted to the very last can of soup. It may have been a sign of desperation (or opportunity).  
Image from
I pray that peace and order will once again be restored in these areas. I also hope that the victims themselves work together to make things better again. It'll be hard for sure. But we Pinoys, as CNN may or may have not said, are resilient and strong. We will surpass this. Let us not use this calamity as an excuse to do something we'd regret in the future. Instead, let's build the cities again, stronger, and more prepared for the future. We can do this!

Click here to know more on how to help out.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A McDonald's Treat: Cookie Butter McFlurry

This 2013 has been a food craze year. We have the tea craze, gelato addiction, and of course, who wouldn't remember the long lines to get our hands and teeth on croughnuts? But the biggest craze to hit the Philippines is... Cookie Butter!

You see cookie butter everywhere! On ice cream, doughnuts, other forms of pastries, and of course, Instagram, Facebook, and those food sharing sites. Big brands such as Krispy Kreme and small but hot brands such as Bono Artisanal Gelato embraced this delectable spread. And now, McDonald's joined the bandwagon.

Hello, Cookie Butter McFlurry!

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If you are not too fond of Cookie Butter, there's always...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Restaurant Discovery: Extraordinary Desserts

Blooooog! I miss you! I have been sick for almost 2 weeks so I was hibernating like a big Grizzly bear! I hardly went out too but I still have a few finds I'd love to share with you all and one of which was our stop after Legoland.
Hello, Extraordinary Desserts!
I love hanging out with K and T as I get to go to nice restaurants. Eating out here is so expensive. Yes, even eating at an ordinary restaurant will cost you over a thousand Pesos. The perk though is that I get to learn how to cook. (Yeeeeees!) Anyway, I am getting off topic here.
We arrived at Extraordinary Desserts a bit past 8 p.m. and the place was packed! We had to wait around 20 minutes to get a table. And while waiting, we were given a little notepad where we could jot down what desserts we want to try. 
And it was difficult! How can I choose just one in this display?! I want to try them all! But my wallet can only afford one! Huhuhu! Curse the high prices!
N and I ended up with the Chocolate Macadamia Torte as N is a macadamia lover. T and K went with one of the specials, German  Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Ice Cream on the side. 
The savory menu is quite limited so we opted for the dishes that we think would fill us the most... Panini.
I ordered the Smoked Salmon Panini ($12) while N ordered the Portobello and Brie Panini ($12). I also ordered a bowl of Tomato Basil Soup ($7.5) as it was chilly that night.
For a full house, service was pretty quick.