Thursday, May 2, 2019

Taiwan in Manila: 50 Lan (50嵐)

Taiwan is the place to be to indulge in milk tea but Manila is becoming a close second. With more and more brands coming in, it gets a bit tough to decide on which one to grab for my daily milk tea run. Sometimes, it boils down on which one doesn't have a queue. And thankfully, one of Taiwan's top boba joints is still yet to make buzz. 

Hello, 50 Lan (50嵐).
I was craving for milk tea while waiting for the screening of Avengers: Endgame and spotted 50 Lan (50嵐) at Rustan's Marketplace. I decided to go for its bestseller Boba Jasmine Milk Tea (PHP80, regular | PHP110 large). Note that the price for large is not published in the menu board so I'm not certain if this is its actual price or I got ripped off. It's still pretty affordable though. 

Sadly, they were out of pearls so I had to settle with grass jelly instead. 
My drink was served on a generic plastic with generic seal. Again, I'm not sure if they just ran out of proper containers or if they just don't care about marketing. Here's the one I got from Taiwan for comparison.

As for the drink, it tasted okay. It was milky but you could still taste the tea in every sip. However, it didn't give much of an impression for me to go back for more.
For some reason though, I prefer the one I had in Taiwan. It had a stronger tea taste which I love. I'm sure it's also because it had pearls which gave my drink a chewy texture. 

50 Lan (50嵐) is located at Ground Floor, Rustan's Marketplace, Santolan Town Plaza, Little Baguio, San Juan. 

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