Monday, July 30, 2012

Restaurant Discovery: Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

I just adore my foodie friends N and J. They are so much fun to be with. Friends who chew together get fat together! L-O-V-E. This started the wonderful friendship of T3—The Takaw (gluttonous) Trio.
One weekend last month, my foodie friends and I decided to explore Katipunan to discover new food treasures. Our first stop was Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza.
J and I almost got lost but we managed as N told us to look for a building with a huge Mercury Drugstore at the ground floor. It was quite easy to spot the building with that as the landmark.
We headed to the second floor where Gino’s is located and managed to get seats right away. The waiter quickly gave us menus but we patiently waited for N before ordering. While waiting, we noticed that there’s an opening between Cello’s and Gino’s. I wonder if they are siblings or something.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In-N-Out in Singapore! Is Manila next?

I often check my Facebook News Feed for updates and one particular update made my eyes bigger than it used to.

IN-N-OUT is now in Singapore!!!
In-N-Out finally branched out and in Singapore! I am not very sure if this is the start of the well-loved burger joint from being a just-in-California brand to becoming a global brand.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Supermarket Find: Nestlé Yogurt Top Ups

I’m craving for something… I don’t know… sweet, I guess. This is what you call I-must-crave-something-so-that-I-still-get-to-eat-more-as-I-eat-super-fast.
It’s interesting that despite eating lunch, my colleagues and I talk about what to eat next. It wasn’t much of a problem today though as while heating our food in the pantry, we saw an office mate with a few cups of yogurt with something on top of it. She seemed very giddy about it so we assumed that whatever it is, it’s bound to be good. Apparently, Nestlé added another twist to its well-loved yogurt. This time, they provide toppings in the form of KitKat and marshmallows. And since we were curious with how it tastes like, we braved the hot weather and marched our way to the supermarket nearby.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lunch Date at Figaro

You know that you’re a glutton if one of your greatest fears is to go hungry. How can you tell if you’re suffering from it? Check your bag and if you find something edible inside your bag or pocket every single day, then chances are, you are “hunger-no-likey” positive. But there’s one thing’s scarier, rather frustrating,  when the food you packed was not enough to tame the angry tummy and despite being so hungry you simply could not decide where to eat.

I accompanied my sister to the clinic last Sunday for her to accomplish her required annual check-up for school. We arrived past 11:30 a.m. but luckily, the clinic wasn’t so busy and so my sister was able to “almost finish” in less than 2 hours (almost because she had to go back for her dental check up at 4PM). With grumbling tummies and woozy mindset since we stepped out past lunch time, we even had a mini foodie argument on where to eat and when we got tired and really dizzy due to hunger, we finally agreed and decided to go to Figaro.

Figaro, good yet affordable dishes.

I settled for one of their newest dishes, Chicken Thyme (PHP215) which comes with a glass of iced tea while my sister ordered Carbonara (PHP180). My sister also ordered an order of Chocolate Éclair (PHP75) which interestingly never caught my eye before.
First served was the chocolate éclair and it was divine. It is your typical éclair but more chocolatey as the filling was chocolate unlike the usual cream. Lovely! There were also a bit of nuts sprinkled on top and hardened chocolate drips on the sides. Such sight made my tummy smile with joy! My only concern was that I had to keep on pressing the top (uhm) bun against the chocolate filling as when we cut a piece, the bun goes up. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Restaurant Discovery: Sandwicheese

It's so much fun to do research. It makes me feel... younger (as it brings back college memories). 
Some colleagues and I decided to go to the Rizal Library of Ateneo to do some research for planning and before going college mode all over again, we decided to stop by Sandwicheese, a small sandwich restaurant along Katipunan for lunch.
First thing we noticed was that it seemed to be owned by the same owner as Banapple as there were stickers of Banapple on the window. 
The place is so adorable as there are bread displays on the wall. It is like you're in bread paradise or a possible Yakitake Japan shooting place.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Foodie Alert: Unlimited Crispy Pata!!!

Unlimited. Eat-all-you-can. Overflowing. Those words never fail to make me smile!

Gluttons rejoice as C2 Classic Cuisine has a promo that is simply hard to resist. Just combine a sinful yet oh-so-good dish plus the word UNLIMITED… *happiness*

UNLIMITED. CRISPY. PATA. *twirls, jumps, and (if I could) somersaults*
The promo is actually simple. Just go to the C2 Classic Cuisine Greenhills branch, order the unlimited crispy pata and pay PHP299. But waaaait!!! For those with tight budgets but big tummy space, fret not as you could slash PHP100 off your bill by following these easy steps: