Monday, January 27, 2020

When in Bacolod: Felicia's

Bacolod is the home to many pastry shops specializing in amazing sweet treats. One of the popular establishments for cakes is Felicia's. I've tried its baked goods a few times already but I had no idea that its ensaymada was fantastic!

Hello, Felicia's.
Felicia's is one of the top must visit restaurants in Bacolod. With its decadent cakes, mouthwatering savory dishes and good selection of beverages, this serves as a one stop shop for many. But I never took notice of its ensaymada which happens to be one of Felicia's bestselling products.
Its rather big but flat Ensaymada costs PHP110 and the server would always ask if you'd like to have it with Tablea Hot Chocolate (PHP85). Apparently, locals pair the cheesy treat with this thick drink and dip it like churros.
I found the cheesy and ultra buttery ensaymada rich in flavor yet balanced by the dark sweet taste of tablea chocolate. It was one lovely combination.
We also had a slice of Vanilla Crunch which I thought was Sansrival at first based on its name. It turned out to be a sponge or chiffon cake smothered with butter cream and topped with a chunk of honey crunch covered in chocolate. Though the cake itself was just okay, the honey crunch was delicious! I would have loved this more if they added small bits of honey crunch in the icing or middle filling.
I also got a glass of Mocha Frappe (PHP125) and it was pretty good. It wasn't very sweet which made it a nice beverage to pair with desserts. 

Though Felicia's is a bit more expensive compared to its cake rivals, it has several cakes too worth checking out.

Felicia's is located at 6th Street, Lacson, Bacolod City.

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