Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Gogiya Korean Barbecue Restaurant: A Korean BBQ and Sushi Restaurant

Korean BBQ joints are literally everywhere. And with most offering unlimited meats, choosing a place for a samgyupsal meal could be a daunting task. More often than not, I end up going to one of my favorite Korean restaurants. But I'm also down to try something new, especially if it offers more than your usual Korean fare. So when I heard that Gogiya offers some Japanese classics too, I was in!

Hello, Gogiya Korean Barbecue Restaurant.
Gogiya is a new addition to the long list of Korean restaurants that opened last year. But it is definitely more than just your typical Korean BBQ restaurant.
Its extensive menu features several Korean dishes from stews to street snacks and luxurious Korean meats. And we got to try some of its ala carte dishes during our visit last Tuesday. 
First served were several kinds of refillable banchan. Most were good but none stood out.
Unlike pajeon from other Korean restaurants, Gogiya's Seafood Pancake (PHP350) was a lot flatter. It also didn't seem to have much seafood. But it was flavorful and didn't even need any sauce.
Sogalbi (PHP850) was marinated well. It was flavorful in every bite. But be mindful of the small bones and don't wolf it down in one go. 
I noticed that Gogiya's Samgyupsal (PHP320) was a lot thicker compared to the ones served in other restaurants. 
I was told that this is the authentic way of serving samgyupsal. It was new to me though as the samgyupsal places I've been to in Korea served its pork belly thinner than this one. 
But I was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty good. It took time for it to be cooked but it was worth the wait. The fresh meat was tender and went great with ssamjang and salt. I liked it best with just salt. (Though I wouldn't mind having it with sesame oil mixed with salt and pepper.)
Woo Samgyupsal (PHP370) was also a bit thicker than the ones I'm used to and it had a bit more bite too. I prefer the thinner cut for my beef belly.
Odeng-Tang (PHP900, medium | PHP1,200, large) or fishcake soup is also available at Gogiya but I found it quite expensive for a dish you find in the streets of Korea. I wasn't able to try this one so I can't say if it's worth the price or not. 
Gogiya also offers Japanese favorites such as Shrimp Tempura (PHP400) and Sushi Platter
Though I couldn't recommend the tempura, its sushi platter was quite good.
I liked that the place was pretty clean despite being an unlimited K-BBQ place. The floor wasn't slippery and the exhaust was powerful. But our grill was a bit wonky and the fire turned into a blaze (despite the grill being on low) a few times leaving some of our meats a bit burnt. Service too was a bit unwelcoming. But both can be easily addressed.
Overall, Gogiya is a nice option if you can't decide whether to go for an unlimited BBQ spread or treat yourself to more premium meat and a handful of other Korean and Japanese favorites. Unlimited Korean BBQ is currently priced at PHP549 per head. 

Gogiya is located at Cliffpoint Square, CW Home Depot Compound, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City.

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