Friday, January 10, 2020

Good Good: A Healthier Way to Enjoy Your Drinks

It's a new year and a new decade but the milk tea craze is here to stay. And with several brands opening here and there, there's no way for us to escape its sweet charm! But this 2020, I plan to stick to a healthier lifestyle and diet and it was timely that I discovered Good Good. 

Hello, Good Good!
This Taiwanese brand is no stranger to milk tea fanatics as it has been around for over 6 months now. With branches in Scout Tobias, Corinthian Executive Regency Shaw, Caltex Pioneer-Shaw and Sta. Maria Bulacan, many have already tried its adorable and colorful drinks. And this brand is celebrating the year with a bang as it opens its 5th branch along the foodie haven Banawe
Good Good prides itself on serving the freshest fruit teas and smoothies with its use of fresh fruits. And it's definitely not all talk or marketing gimmick. 
I went with Good Good's bestsellers Sunset Fruit Tea (PHP160, 700ml), Triple B (PHP120, 500ml | PHP140, 700ml | PHP140, hot) and Apple Four Seasons Tea (PHP140). I also added a Flower Cup (PHP40) on one of the fruit teas to give it a dainty touch.
Given that it was the branch's opening day, the place was packed! But I was impressed by how the servers handled the chaos in the store. They didn't make us feel rushed and recommended its bestsellers and the best sugar level for it. Now that's customer service!
It took a while before I got my drinks but it was expected. And when I got mine, the server even let me have her hold one of the drinks for a quick snap. 
The fruit tea drinks were great! You could tell that both were made with real fruits as the drinks were pulpy or had that slightly grainy texture. 
I was told that the Sunset Fruit Tea is best at a half-sugar level. But we still found it a tad too sweet. I recommend sticking with 25% if you don't enjoy sweet drinks.
The Apple Four Seasons Tea was also at 50% sugar level and it was perfect! This thirst-quenching drink may not be as pulpy as the first one but I actually liked the blend of flavors
And the Flower Cup sure gave it more personality and made it extra Instagram-worthy. However, best to just skip this add on. 
Aside from it not being edible, its cone-like structure takes up a bit of space which means a few gulps less of your Good Good drink. Plus, you won't get to use as much plastic!
Speaking of avoiding plastic, this tumbler from Good Good is pretty! I do hope that they allow us to use this for our next fruit tea or milk tea purchase. 
Triple B is Good Good's bestselling milk tea variant. And it was a balanced drink
It would have great if the pearls were chewy. The boba in our drink we got was a bit hard to bite. Nonetheless, it was still good.
I think I just discovered a new place to grab some fruit tea! I'll definitely try its smoothies next time. 
P.S. Good Good's cute drinks will surely make you want to take a lot of photos! And if your phone is running low on battery, you can borrow one a power bank from Good Good! Just present an ID to borrow a unit. How cool is that?

Good Good is located at 949 Banawe Street, Quezon City.

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