Tuesday, January 28, 2020

When in Bacolod: Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea

I thought that spending time in Bacolod would help me escape my Manila routine. I guess I could avoid traffic, polluted air and the hustle and bustle but not milk tea. And Soxially's post about Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea's Oreo Crème Brûlée got me yearning for boba. 

Hello, Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea.
Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea is one of the newest addition to the foodie haven Bacolod. 
Its cute interiors and wide range of beverages made this brand an instant hit to locals. And it grew even more popular when its Oreo Crème Brûlée video became viral. In fact, that was how I discovered this milk tea joint.
Its shop along the busy Lacson street is quite small and could accommodate about 15 to 20 guests at a time. There was a queue too when I dropped by around noon.
I went for the popular Oreo Crème Brûlée (PHP140) and Strawberry Peach (PHP85 | PHP95). I went with 50% sugar level for both after the staff warned me that both drinks could be too sweet.
Despite the line, I got my order within 10 minutes. They even accommodated my request for my drink to be torched by the counter so that I could take photos.
And it tasted like Oreo McFlurry! I really loved that it had Oreo bits giving the drink more bite. The serving of tapioca was more than generous. I liked that it was chewy and had that delightful brown sugar flavor. 
But I'd definitely go for 25% sugar next time as it was still a bit too sweet for me. 
My fruit tea was also a tad too sweet. I could barely taste the tea in it as it was too sugary for my liking. Maybe I should have gone with the bestselling Strawberry Grape or went with something more citrusy.
I noticed that Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea is also available via Grab Food. I might go for that to get my next cup of Oreo Crème Brûlée.

Got Tea? Crafted Milk Tea is located at New Energy Center Building, Lacson corner Lizares Street, Bacolod City.

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