Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Avocadoria: One of the Biggest Food Trends of 2019

From mango float to avocado ice cream, fruity desserts was undeniably one of the biggest food trends last 2019. I had a terrible experience with the mango float craze though that it took me a long while before trying its avocado counterpart. And I'm glad to share that my Avocadoria experience was a lot better. 

Hello, Avocadoria
Avocadoria grew to be one of the hottest brands in 2019 when several media outlets and influencers took notice of this dessert kiosk. And it was not long after for the brand to expand to multiple branches with several copycats in tow. 
I spotted an Avocadoria kiosk in the newly opened east wing of Estancia Mall. There was a long line when I passed by so I opted to save it for later and headed straight to the ramen shop I was eying for lunch. 
I was lucky though that there was only one customer ahead of me when I passed by again after lunch and quickly ordered a large cup of Avocado Lover (PHP110, 8 oz | PHP125, 12 oz). [Note that prices of Avocadoria products may vary depending on store location.]
I liked that my cup was generously filled with soft serve ice cream though the flax and chia seeds were not as many compared to the posts I've seen online. I'm not complaining though as I didn't really liked how it could get stuck in between one's teeth.
One spoonful was all it took for me to understand the craze. It was indeed good. Though it didn't have a very rich flavor of avocado, the avocado chunks made up for it. I also enjoyed the serving of crushed biscuits and almond bits.

My cup would have been great if only the tapioca balls were cooked well. My first spoonful had that perfect chewy texture but the rest of the boba were undercooked that I had to spat or throw it away. I really hope that they work on that as it could ruin someone's Avocadoria experience.

Nonetheless, I'd be back to try the other products. But I'll stick with small as I found the larger serving a bit too heavy for dessert or snack

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