Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When in Bacolod: Pendy's

I grew up in Manila and never had the chance to experience the provincial life. I always thought that it would be nice to live somewhere where everyone knows (and usually related too) each other. The only downside of this is that when something happens to you, the word spreads out faster than light. And when Bacolod's favorite spot, Pendy's, experienced a nasty split with its staff, everyone knew about it. It was a matter of where you'd be loyal to, the original owners or the staff who decided to open Mimi's Cafe which offers an identical list of offerings. Mimi's already made me fall in love with its spectacular service and scrumptious bang for the buck food. So this time around, R and I tried the original Pendy's.

Hello, Pendy's.
Pendy's is located across Mimi's. It was rather ironic that the original owners were kicked out of their original spot and were forced to open near a memorial chapel. 
For some reason, the place felt sad. It may perhaps be because of the old furniture and rundown linens. The head server was very attentive though and approached us with a smile. 
For this visit, we decided to go with Chorizo (PHP260, served with two eggs and rice) and Classic Pendy's Burger (PHP120) which I topped with Bacon (PHP50) and Cheese (PHP50). We also got Frozen Iced Tea (PHP90) and Batwan Slush (PHP120). We also ordered a box of Napoleones (PHP120).
Service was fast and it was expected given that we were the only customers that afternoon.

The box of Napoleones was pretty much the same as the one we got from Mimi's. In fact, we think it comes from the same supplier. We didn't get a complimentary piece here though (unlike in Mimi's where they gave us an extra piece each and a half moon). 
The plate of chorizo was pretty good. It had a delectable sweet and savory flavor. 
R enjoyed indulging in this local favorite and letting it swim in vinegar for that lovely contrast in flavor. 
My Classic Pendy's Burger, oomphed with bacon and cheese, was good too. You could tell that the beef patty was homemade. Chunky and beefy, each bite was a bliss. Though I could not tell if it would wow me without the cheese and bacon, I enjoyed my burger. Quite steep though for its total price of P220 without fries.
The Frozen Iced Tea and Batwan Slush are both refreshing. 
But if I were to choose one, I'd go with Frozen Iced Tea. The Batwan Slush was a bit to grainy for my liking, making my throat itch. 

Overall, food and service were good. But if I were to choose between Mimi's and Pendy's, I'd go with Mimi's. It has better ambiance and service.

Pendy's is located at Lacson Street, Bacolod City.

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