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When in Cebu: The Pig and Palm

We often associate Cebu with its world famous lechon. But Cebu grew to become more than just a capital of roasted pig. It has blossomed into a more complex foodie destination with the opening of several homegrown and foreign restaurants. And one of the most anticipated restaurant openings a few years back was The Pig and Palm.

Hello, The Pig and Palm.
The opening of Michelin-starred British chef Jason Atherton first restaurant in the Philippines created much buzz in the foodie world. They opted to open it in Cebu as it is his wife, Irha's hometown.

Designed to serve modern European fare, most of the dishes served at The Pig and Palm, as what you can derive from its name, is pork. To complement the bustling night life of the city, the restaurant also serves interesting cocktails and bar chow.
During our visit, we had Seaweed Crackers, Tuna Tataki, Miso Carrots, Confit Pork Belly, Roasted Parrot Fish and Black Angus Rib Eye Steak. We also had Peanut Butter and Praline Parfait and Baked 60% Chocolate Moelleux.
The seaweed crackers reminds me of the popular shrimp chips but with more air. The nori flavor was prominent yet not overwhelming. Dashed with wasabi, dip this light snack in calamansi mayo for that lovely zest.
The Pig and Palm spoiled us even more with several bowls of Tuna Tataki topped with pickled cucumber, radish and avocado puree. The briny flavor of tuna chunks was beautifully complemented by the slight tangy flavor of the pickled greens and the buttery and nutty flavor of avocado.
The Toasted Sour Dough served as a break from the other flavors we were about to indulge in.
I never thought I'd love a carrot dish given that I dislike it. But the Miso Carrots on the bed of baba ganoush with walnut pesto was something else. It had that delightful earthy flavor that I like.
Seafood goes well with lemon and The Pig and Palm's Roasted Parrot Fish is an excellent example of it. Cooked and served with red pepper, chorizo puree, black olives and potato, it is a harmonious medley of flavors from land and sea.
The Confit Pork Belly with apple caramel mash potato and broccoli is divine. The meat melts in your mouth and leaves this delectable sweet taste lingering and waiting to be balanced by the creamy mashed potato and broccoli.
Serious meat lovers would enjoy Black Angus Rib-Eye steak topped with chimichurri as this was seared to perfection. Slightly charred on the outside and juicy in every bite, this is a must try dish!
For dessert, this beautiful plate of Peanut Butter and Praline parfait made with chocolate cremeux and blackberry jam milk ice cream served with peanut butter cup and Ferrero Rocher on the side was a crowd pleaser. The sweet and rich taste of chocolate was toned down by the tartness of blackberry making it easy for everyone to finish this in seconds.
But if you are not fond of sweet and sour combination, do try The Pig and Palm's Baked 60% chocolate moelleux sea salt vanilla ice cream instead.
Overall, it was a fantastic meal! Though we had to pay PHP85,000+ for our meal (we were a group of 16), I'd say that it was worth every penny!
The Pig and Palm is located at Ground Floor, MSY Tower, Pecadores Road, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City.

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