Monday, June 3, 2019

First Sip: Presotea

I'm starting to believe that milk tea runs through my veins with the amount of naicha I drink each week! And I'm so happy that one of the new names in the boba market opened a branch more accessible to me! 

Hello, Presotea
Presotea is one of the popular milk tea joints in Taiwan with a shop in almost every corner. Its innovative way of preparing tea based drinks set it apart from its competitors and it wasn't long for other countries like China, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Canada and the Philippines to take notice of its fragrant and flavorful drinks. Fast forward to present, Presotea now has four branches in Manila with its newest store in SM North Edsa.
I was so excited to visit Presotea last weekend as I've heard a lot of great things about this brand. Aside from its refreshing drinks, Presotea made indulging in milk tea healthier. 
Unlike other milk tea shops that use powder to get that sweet tea taste, Presotea brews its tea! Known as Teapresso, Presotea uses high-temperature and high pressure machine to extract the essence of tea. It's actually quite similar to coffee machines. Though service might take a bit longer as Presotea observes brew-to-order, it's worth the wait!
Since I have no idea which drink to try, I was offered samples of A-li Shan (PHP90 | PHP100), Japanese Genmaicha Milk Tea (PHP120 | PHP130), Signature Fruit Tea Fusion (PHP130 | PHP150) and PPJ (PHP140 | PHP150). 
Presotea's Signature Fruit Tea Fusion is sweet and something kids would enjoy! Just make sure the sugar level's a bit low as to not mask the natural sweetness of the fresh fruits in the drink. Or go for A-li Shan if you want something light. 
I also loved Japanese Genmaicha Milk Tea as it had that delectable rice-like flavor which I love. I found it different from the other milk tea drinks I've tried before. And this comes with red bean too for that grainy texture!
PPJ or Pearl, Pudding and Jelly (leftmost) is an Earl Grey milk tea drink which could easily fill one up with its generous serving of sinkers. Though I've had better pearls elsewhere, this drink made me want to have pudding in all my milk tea drinks!
I had to try Presotea's Brown Sugar Latte with Black Pearls (PHP110 | PHP120) as it's one of the most trending drinks since last year. And Presotea did not disappoint! Though this didn't have tea just like the ones you get from Tiger Sugar, The Alley and Xing Fu Tang, I actually liked it! The brown sugar tasted like caramel or the ones you get from flan! It had that nice smokey taste which I enjoyed and it wasn't bland at all! I just wish that the pearls were cooked better as I found it a bit hard. 
And if you love green tea, try Presotea's Matcha Latte with Red Bean and White Pearl (PHP140 | PHP150). I had to give up red bean for black pearls as I was coughing like an old man when I dropped by but I think azuki would work best with this drink. (Note: Go for 100% sweetness level if you like sweet green tea drinks as my 50% sweetness level wasn't sweet enough for me.)
Winter melon lovers have to order Presotea's winter melon drinks! I tried its Lemon Wintermelon Tea (PHP110 | PHP120) and it comes with real winter melon bits! This sweet yet refreshing drink is an excellent partner to any meal or snack! 
Overall, I love how Presotea prepares its drinks and the pronounced taste of tea yet without being bitter in any way. Those who are strict with their sugar intake would also like the idea that Presotea offers Liquid Stevia! Just add PHP30. 
Presotea is located at 2nd Floor, SM North Edsa Annex, Quezon City.

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