Wednesday, July 15, 2020

First Sip: Koomi

Yogurt isn't everyone's top pick when it comes to dessert. Filipinos prefer sweets over something tangy for a sweet ending. But we've noticed a shift in consumer behavior these past few years. With more consumers becoming health-conscious, yogurt brands started to become a great alternative to ice cream and even milk tea. And it was timely for Koomi to enter the Manila food scene. 

Hello, Koomi.
Koomi is a well-known Aussie yogurt-based drink brand with a wide array of equally healthy flavors. And to cater to the local market, Koomi offers two yogurt bases, Aussie, a blend with sharper and sourer flavor, and Filipino, which has a sweeter taste.
I wanted to try its bestseller Stick-On-Me Purple Rice (PHP138). But it has been sold out for weeks. And since I could no longer tame my hunger for yogurt, I decided to place an order via Grab Food. I went with You're the Berry Best (PHP154), Will Ube Mine? (PHP187) and Mango Moo (PHP143) while R's mom tried Boppin' Boba (PHP143). 
I opted for Aussie Blend for my berry drink, and it did not disappoint. I love its tartness. The yogurt base went well with the thick and sweet strawberry bits. [Note that this may not be a popular choice among those who like sweet treats as it could be a bit too sour for many. R, for one, didn't like it that much.]
I heard that Will Ube Mine? goes best with Filipino blend, so I went with the sweeter base this time. It was indeed sweeter but not to the point of it tasting like ice cream. It still had that slight tart to it that was balanced by the delightfully sweet taste of ube
There was no base option to choose from for Mango Moo. I'd consider this a safe choice for those who couldn't decide which flavor to get. 
R's mom wasn't very fond of her Boppin' Boba. I guess she thought I was getting ordinary milk tea when she requested for that flavor. Maybe Filipino blend would have been better for this flavor.
I hope that Stick-On-Me Purple Rice will be available soon so that I could try Koomi's bestseller. I'll also try its rather odd Waterberry Wonder (PHP154) drink that a handful of my friends say is good.

Koomi's drink list may come out to be on the expensive side compared to other brands in the market. But its unique flavors and premium ingredients make up for it. 

Koomi has multiple branches in Metro Manila.

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