Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Beat the Heat: Elait

This year has redefined the meaning of summer heat. It's just too hot to go out lately. Actually, it's too hot to even step out of the cold shower. But there's one word that makes me wake up in the morning with a big grin plastered on my face. Ice cream. And The Foodie Station sure knows how to make me happy when they tagged me along to sample this new rolled ice cream treat in Century City Mall. 

Hello, Elait
Named after the words elate and au lait (or happy milk when put together), Elait aims to provide its customers a delightful dessert experience. After all, aren't desserts meant to make us happy? But Elait is one notch higher by making us feel good in a different level. 

I was at first dumbfounded when I spotted the signage that illustrates a few sign languages. Things became clearer when when I tried to place my order. The crew behind the counter is deaf-mute and it is part of Elait's passion to provide them equal opportunities. I am very impressed by this as Elait proves that you do not have to be a big player in the market to practice CSR.

Since we were clueless on which flavors to try, we sampled three namely Salted Egg Surprise, Strawberry Trifle and Chocolate Overload (PHP180/cup). Note: You have an option to go with either custard or Greek yogurt as your base then add two mixers, two toppings and a drizzle if you wish to customize your treat.
Just like any rolled ice cream, a blob of custard or yogurt is placed on a cold plate till it turns hard. 
It then gets scraped off with a spatula which rolls the hardened custard and yogurt. 
First served was Chocolate Overload which is a combination of chocolate custard topped with chocolate shards, brownies, chocolate vermicelli and Pocky sticks then drizzled with chocolate syrup. 
I was surprised that the chocolate loaded cup wasn't sweet at all making it perfect for people who love chocolate but have to watch out their sugar intake. However, those who like the usual sweet brown stuff might find this a bit too mild or bland. Just make sure that you get a bit of brownie every spoonful. 
I fell in love with Strawberry Trifle which uses Greek yogurt as base. 
The tangy base along with delightful fresh strawberry bits, lady finger, cream cheese, almonds, condensed milk and strawberry syrup was a berry wonderland! Though it might be a bit too tangy for those who have low tolerance to anything sour, I'd get this anytime. 
The blend of yogurt, cream cheese and fresh berries was beautifully balanced by the lady fingers and almonds. 
I loved how this cup of joy made me feel healthy and rejuvenated after a long day of... feasting. 
The weirdest of them all was Salted Egg Surprise which is a combination of tomato jam, caramel popcorn and of course, salted egg ice cream. It tasted like your usual tomato and salted egg combo to the point that it made me crave for rice. It was fascinating but I'd stick with my favorite Strawberry Trifle. But I'd recommend this to foodies who want something different. 
Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I love that Elait offers products that use top quality and fresh ingredients. But more than that, I salute Elait for its CSR. I'd definitely be back for more. 

Elait is located at 2nd Floor, Century City Mall, Poblacion corner Salamanca, Makati City. 

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