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Love at First Bite: Mama V Delicious Party Trays

I adore establishments that have stories to tell. I love learning about the inspiration behind each brand. And sometimes, knowing the hard work placed on each dish makes the food extra delicious. Such was the case with Mama V Delicious.

Hello, Mama V Delicious!
Mama V Delicious started as a restaurant along Leon Guinto Street, corner Estrada, Malate. Managed by mother and daughter tandem Mama V and Tina V, the quickly became a hit among the students of St. Scholastica, De La Salle University, College of St. Benilde, and the like.
Though now more known for its food delivery, Mama V Delicious' party tray options were not in the picture until a family conversation. One of Tina V's cousins mentioned how he finished half a box of Mama V's famous Bacon Carbonara in one sitting. It was then when the power duo thought of offering their delicious offerings straight to its customers' doorsteps.
And it's perfect during this time of pandemic where it's a lot safer to eat at home.
Ordering from Mama V Delicious is so easy with its well-designed website. All you have to do is go to its menu tab and click the items you'd like to get and add to the cart. 
I tried its Angus Beef Tapa in Sweet and Spicy variants (PHP600, small | PHP1,020, medium | PHP1,440, large), Breaded White Fish with Calamansi Butter (PHP260, small | PHP420, medium | PHP700, large), Chicharon Bulaklak (PHP600, small | PHP820, medium | PHP1,040, large), Pork Barbecue (PHP580, medium | PHP760, large), Chicken Barbecue (PHP580, medium | PHP760, large), Beef Lengua with Mushroom Sauce (PHP800, medium | PHP1,480, large), Bacon Carbonara (PHP540, small | PHP980, medium | PHP1,860, large), and Pinoy Bolognese (PHP580, small | PHP1,060, medium | PHP1,980, large).
I am quite hard to please when it comes to tapa as I put my mom's version on top of the list. But Mama V Delicious got me confused with which one's better. Its Sweet Tapa made with sukiyaki cut beef strips was delicious! I loved how flavorful each bite was and how it addictive it was with its spiced vinegar.
Spicy Tapa was good too. It had that mild spice that would make you want more. I just found the meat to be not as tender as its sweet counterpart. 
The Breaded Fish with Calamansi Butter would make seafood lovers rejoice with its lovely tangy flavor. I liked how the sour taste of calamansi butter complemented rather than mask the delicate taste of the fish. It was just a tad too salty for my liking. But it was nothing extra rice can't solve.
The Beef Lengua with Mushroom Sauce was divine! I loved everything! From the tender meat to the snappy button mushroom and thick sauce, it was love at first bite. It might not be a popular choice among seniors as it was also on the salty side. 
I don't know what sorcery the mother and daughter duo did with their Chicken Barbecue as it was amazing! It had that embutido flavor that I found weird and irresistible. You don't even need vinegar to enhance its taste.
If you want something with more bite, go for Mama V Delicious' Pork Barbecue instead. 
I couldn't help myself from taking a bite of Mama V Delicious' famous Bacon Carbonara while styling the food. And I realized that it was not a wise move to have a taste. One spoonful was not enough! I ended up having a portion while shooting. 
This heirloom recipe of the Vitas family deserves to be part of the best recipes ever created as it was nothing short of stellar. Creamy and beautifully balanced by crispy bacon, I understand why Tina V's cousin finished half a box in one sitting. One serving would never be enough. (Trivia: Mama V came up with the Bacon Carbonara recipe back when she was still in her teens that makes it a 60-year-old dish!)
If you're not fond of white sauce, Mama V Delicious' Pinoy Bolognese might be something you'd enjoy. 
This new addition to the menu is one chunky treat. Made with ground Angus beef, tomato sauce, cheese, and crispy bacon, expect various textures in each mouthful. 
And if you enjoy your meal with a bottle or two of cold beer, make sure to order chicharon bulaklak
Crunchy and packed with flavor, I enjoyed this even without vinegar. But of course, that slightly tangy taste makes this sinful yet oh-so-delicious snack yummier.
Are you excited to have your own Mama V Delicious spread? You can have yours by ordering from Mama V Delicious website. Details on how to order is available here. It currently accepts bank transfer, Paypal, and GCash for payment. If you prefer credit card or COD payment, you may also order via foodpanda or Grabfood.

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