Friday, July 24, 2020

Black Scoop Launches its Pints-To-Go

Milk tea is one of the drinks I find hard to resist. I've been so used to gulping down at least one large cup a week. The lockdown changed all that as I barely had any sweet drink for months. To make up for all the milk tea I missed, I had a gallon of boba from Black Scoop and tried a few new items on its menu.

Hello, Black Scoop.
Black Scoop has been one of my favorite milk tea brands since 2018. I always get its classic boba flavors and fruit teas whenever I pass by. 
I remember liking its soft-serve ice cream too. So I was thrilled when I found out that Black Scoop now offers its Black Mascarpone (with graham instead of pearls) in pints! Other flavors available are Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearl and Halo-Halo Surprise. Each pint costs PHP185. Not bad for unique ice cream flavors!
Halo-Halo Surprise was an instant hit for me. It tasted just like ube ice cream but more. This ice cream has all the halo-halo ingredients we love. From beans to jackfruit, this ice cream was created to please our Pinoy taste buds! My ice cream just melted to I got to have a bite of the other ingredients halfway through the pint. (It all sunk!)
Black Mascarpone was still just as good as when I had it last year. It had that addictive tartness. I also enjoyed the cinnamon taste of the graham as it went well with the cheesy flavor of the ice cream.
Milk tea addicts would enjoy Okinawa Brown Sugar with Pearl as it tasted just like boba in frozen form. It would have been better if the pearls were chewy. 
I was so excited about my milk tea gallon that I kept spilling some!
Available in Classic (PHP850) and Wintermelon (PHP950), these giants are good for 10 to 12 servings. You can also buy add-on pearls for PHP100. Note that these milk tea gallons should be refrigerated and consumed within three days. 
I couldn't resist grabbing a glass or two per meal even when I'm supposed to avoid sugary drinks. I justified it as a small indulgence or reward. But it surely made my little one extra hyper at night. 
I also had some of Black Scoop's savory dishes--Nachos, Wings, and Chicken Pops.
I enjoyed the Chicken Pops. It had that calamari-like batter and had a slight citrus taste to it. But I would have loved it more with the typical tartar sauce. 
I was intimidated by the wings' bright red-orange color and thought that it would be extremely spicy. But it wasn't. It was just mildly spiced, perfect for foodies who have low spice tolerance.  
The nachos were a bit stale when it was delivered, so I had to pop it in the oven for a few minutes. And I managed to get it crispy again. I found the toppings to be a bit stingy in size, but it was huge in flavor! I guess the toppings were enough after all. 
Want to get your own Black Scoop Feast? Select Black Scoop are open for dine-in, takeout and delivery. 

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