Wednesday, July 22, 2020

My Pregnancy Journey: First Edamama Shopping Experience

One of the struggles of expecting moms these days is ticking off items from our long shopping list. With several malls and stores not allowing pregnant women to enter, most of us have to rely on online stores to get our maternity and baby items. Thankfully, there are a handful of reliable shops to help us. One of which is Edamama. 

Hello, Edamama.
I was so excited when I discovered Edamama. It carries several brands I've been eying to buy for my baby and myself. And I made sure to check it out when it had a sale three weeks ago.

Its sale coincided with several other online shops, but Edamama seemed to offer the best prices for a bunch of items I wanted to get. 
I took my time browsing through its website, unaware that its limited inventory gets sold out fast! I was dilly-dallying that about half of the items in my cart got sold out before I checked out. I had no idea moms are notorious online shoppers.
I first went for Tiny Buds, one of the most recommended baby brands by moms. I wanted to get one of everything. But most were out of stock by the time I reached check out. I did manage to get Tiny Buds' Quick Spray Baby Bottle Cleaner (PHP96 each) and Newborn Rice Baby Powder (PHP200). 
Since I missed out on Tiny Buds' laundry items, I went for Cycles instead, yet another highly raved brand by moms. I went for a small packet for now as I wanted to try it first before buying more. I got a 200ml pack for PHP83. 
I also grabbed a box of Happy Noz Organic Onion Sticker Virus +. I got this for PHP297 from its usual retail price of PHP350. I saw Frannywanny once posted this brand when her family caught a bug. She stuck one of the stickers on a fan and claimed that it helped her family, especially her little ones recover faster. 

My favorite baby purchase was the tie-side tops from St. Patrick. It was 10 or 15% off during the sale. I got one set of sleeveless and one with short sleeves. And I regret not getting more. 
It only took one touch for me to understand why ALL moms recommend this brand. Not only is it relatively affordable compared to other baby clothes, but it also has an unbelievably soft texture. Some moms even claim that St. Patrick's clothes still look brand new after several washes making it a great brand to have if you intend to have more kids.
I also got a Maternity Set (PHP2,640) from Mustela for myself as I worry about having stretch marks on my belly. I know that it's something hard to fight, especially if we're talking about genetics. But I wanted to lessen the tiger marks' appearance as much as I can as well as avoid my skin from being too itchy. Its price is slightly more expensive compared to Lazada's. But I decided to go with Edamama as it offers free shipping. 
It took about two weeks before my package arrived. It was a bit longer than buying from Shopee or Lazada. But I was impressed with how well my orders were packed. Everything was in order. 
I even received a complimentary kiddie face mask. 

Overall, it was a smooth transaction. I'll surely order again from Edamama. 
Oh, make sure to make an account to get some bean points! It's Edamama's shopper reward system where you can convert your accumulated beans into Peso credit that you can use when you shop on the site. 

P.S. They accept credit card payments! It is a BIG PLUS for me as I get to earn credit card points too and even redeem some promos! And I just love that I can get a few pieces from several brands and just pay one shipping fee. 

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