Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Food Delivery: Otter Breads' Sourdough Bread and Sourdough Pancakes

Manila's three-month lockdown has turned many into bakers. My social media feeds have been full of cookie, buns, and cake photos that I thought I was browsing through a bakeshop catalog. But one particular post caught my interest. And that was Otter Breads' sourdough pancakes

Hello, Otter Breads.
The power duo behind Fat Girls Day Out has been busy baking sourdough loaves for months before it officially launched Otter Breads last April. 
This Las PiƱas-based brand started by offering its bang for the buck Sourdough Loaves (PHP190, 380g | PHP280, 750g). It then slowly expanded to other baked treats such as Sourdough Pizza Crust (PHP180, 2-servings), English Scones (PHP280, 6-pieces), and Hokkaido Milk Brioche Buns (PHP300, 6-pieces) to name some.

What caught my attention was not its bestselling product, sourdough bread, but its Sourdough Pancakes (PHP180, 6-pancakes).

I love pancakes. But my recent trip to Japan made me realize that I'm not fond of the fluffy jiggly kind. It was too eggy for me. Thinking sourdough pancakes would give the same fluffy texture without the cloying flavor, I was excited to try Otter Bread's take on this classic breakfast staple.

And it was great!
I loved its slightly tangy taste which went well with fruits, butter, maple syrup, eggs, and bacon! I found it very filling too that one tub can serve a family of three to four.
Just make sure to mix the pancake batter well before scooping some. The sourdough pancake mixture is a lot thicker than the usual pancake batter. It tends to stick to the ladle, spoon, or whatever you use to scoop the mix too. 

I usually have my sourdough with clam chowder, pumpkin, or mushroom soup. But I was a bit lazy to whip some up and thought of a healthy grilled chicken and cheese sandwich instead. 
I heated some slices of sourdough on a pan with butter and topped it with fresh lettuce, cheese, and grilled chicken. And it turned out delicious! The crunch from the sourdough added texture. The bread's sour flavor also enhanced the overall taste of the sandwich.

In case you're wondering about the sudden craze for sourdough, this alternative to the typical white bread has a lot of health benefits! Aside from it being rich in fiber, it is low in sugar. Its slow fermentation also increases the concentration of essential nutrients and makes it easier for the body to absorb. It also allows the growth of good bacteria that helps your gut stay in top condition. So you're not just having a good meal, you're enjoying one that your body would be glad to have.

If you're not fond of sour bread, you might want to consider Otter Breads' Chocolate Chip Cookies (PHP350, 6-pieces of 70g cookies). I heard that it's the gooey kind. Or try its ready-to-bake cookies for that I-can-bake vibe!

To order, you can contact Otter Breads on its Facebook page and secure a customer slot. You may also check its FAQ album for more details. For inquiries, you can message them also on Instagram.

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