Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Food Delivery Discovery: T Kitchen's Bangladeshi Dishes

I was always iffy to try South Asian cuisine as I have low spice tolerance. With the region known to add spices in its dishes, I thought that I'd have a hard time in Nepal when R and I visited it last November. But I didn't expect that I would like some of its local dishes. I would even go for seconds! And when I was approached by T Kitchen to try its Bangladeshi cuisine, I was more open to it. 

Hello, T Kitchen.
T Kitchen is the brainchild of Tania, a Bangladeshi home-based cook who decided to offer her home cooked dishes to the public during Manila's community lockdown.
Her menu currently has four dishes--Chicken Biryani (PHP180), Chicken Kabab (PHP200), Chicken Tikka with Pita Bread (PHP170), and Chicken Shawarma (PHP50). She sent me Chicken Biryani and Chicken Tikka with Pita Bread to try. And I was impressed with its generous serving size.
Chicken Biryani was so fragrant. Its aroma made me drool as I took some quick shots. I could not resist and went for a bite midway.
The biryani rice was well-seasoned and was flavorful enough to be enjoyed as is. It had that spicy flavor yet not too overwhelming to the point that it numbs your taste buds. The chicken chunks were huge and more than enough to finish the big serving of fluffy rice. Best to drizzle some lemon juice for that extra zest!
Do not be deceived by the chicken tikka's dry appearance. This bright-hued chicken offers a wallop blend of flavors! It was evident that various spices were used in this dish. That also explains its orange color. It also had a lovely smokey taste that balanced the sweet flavor of the thick pita bread. An order also comes with a small serving of salad. But I enjoyed it more with chicken biryani.
Are you feeling adventurous and interested to indulge in Bangladeshi dishes? Order yours now! 

To order, contact Tania at +63 9 77 383 7240 (via WhatsApp or Viber). The pickup location is Sucat, ParaƱaque.

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