Monday, May 20, 2019

Tsuke-Men: Dipping Ramen at The Grid

The Grid is one of the best food markets in Manila right now with its lovely selection of concessionaires. We have the likes of Bun Appetit, Risa's Chocolates and La Chinesca to satisfy our growling tummies. But there are also stalls that may have been unheard of before and made its debut at The Grid and one of which is Tsuke-Men.

Hello, Tsuke-Men.
Tsuke-Men is managed by the people behind The Grid and I managed to get first dibs (or should I say dips?) on its tsukemen or dipping ramen concept when The Grid opened last year.
The menu of Tsuke-Men is rather simple and I prefer it that way so that I would be more inclined to grab a few dishes from other stalls. I went with Gyokai (PHP420) while R got Spicy Gyokai (PHP430). You could also get a free refill of noodles or inform the staff that you want your extra noodles served right away.
Each order comes with two bowls, one for the thick noodles and another for the flavorful broth. The choice of thick noodles is perfect to balance the richness of the dip.
The two bowls of broth are quite similar with spicy gyokai having this hint of heat. Both had this delectable meaty and seafood flavors, made extra delicious when sprinkled with lime juice.
The noodles were firm and didn't turn soggy when dipped in the broth.

Note that an order of this could be very filling. In fact, R and I could have just shared one bowl instead of getting two as we also had a few other dishes from other stalls. Best to just grab one if you plan to do a little food crawl inside the food hall.

Tsuke-Men is located at The Grid, 2nd Floor, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City.

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