Thursday, May 17, 2018

DIY Ramen: Yosuke Ramen

I love ramen. But there are days when the lazy bug bites me hard. So hard that despite having intense desire for ramen, I couldn't find the energy to go out and satisfy what my taste buds yearn for. Thankfully, I came across this DIY ramen that allows me to have ramen any time I want. 

Hello, Yosuke Ramen.
I got a random email from K last month asking if I would be interested to try her DIY Ramen. She mentioned that they just started a few weeks ago back then but have been shipping out an average of 250 bowls per day. Now, that's an impressive number for a brand that was just starting out. 

Perfect for those who want to enjoy ramen at the comfort of their homes (or even offices), Yosuke Ramen delivers deconstructed ramen. The broth's solid and the noodles uncooked. 
Broths available are Miso (PHP80 | PHP120 with chashu), Spicy Miso (PHP100 | PHP140 with chashu) and Sesame Peanut (PHP100 | PHP160 with chashu). I got to try the first two. 
Who would have thought that preparing your own ramen is as easy as having cup noodles? Aside from it tasting a lot better than good ol' convenience store find, it makes lunch or dinner a bit more special too. 
All you have to do is boil water for your broth and another pot for your noodles. Once done, combine the two and top it off with chashu, ajitama and other garnish. Though Yosuke Ramen also sells tamago for PHP40, they're always out. *heartbroken*

I have to admit though, I felt very proud of how my bowl of ramen looked. It definitely made my lunch fancier without breaking the bank
Taste-wise, you couldn't really tell it apart from some ramen shops! I'm not kidding or being biased here as I exerted some effort in making it. I was quite iffy to try it as it gave me an impression that it might be a trying hard kind of ramen. But the broth was legit! It tasted like miso and it's even better compared to some shops. 
And its chashu was really tender and tasty too! It had that delectable salty and sweet taste that I love. Needless to say, I finished my bowl in less than 10 minutes! 
I'll definitely consider getting a few more. Or maybe stash some as the noodles can last up to one month!

For orders, contact Yosuke Ramen at +639 77 850 5797.

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