Tuesday, May 12, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Flourist's Chocolate Crinkles

Don't you just hate it when you have this intense craving for something but you're stuck at home? I know that there are countless online shops and apps to help us out but smaller businesses prefer to do it through online bank transfer which I never bothered to activate before. And when I had this crazy desire for chocolate crinkles, I reached out to several brands asking if they'd accept Grab Pabili. But most prefer advanced payment. Until one sensed my desperation and said yes to my request. And that was the start of my love for Flourist.

Hello, Flourist
Flourist is a relatively new home baker who specializes in cookies and crinkles. I noticed this brand when a handful of acquaintances posted their purchases from this store on Instagram. 

It was the first brand that I contacted for its chocolate crinkles. But I stopped when it mentioned modes of payment not available to me. 
I reached out again to Flourist two weeks later pleading to accept my request for cash upon pick up. And I was surprised when it said yes as I was starting to get used to being rejected. (I eventually got to have my GCash work and paid them the night before having my crinkles picked up. But the fact that Flourist accommodated my order and agreeing to my mode of payment made them an instant favorite.)

And the day finally came... the day of devouring chocolate crinkles!
A box of Chocolate Crinkles from Flourist is a tad expensive at PHP650 for a dozen. The crinkles too were just of average size. But it had that perfect chocolate crinkle texture and flavor. It was moist, slightly gooey with a hint of crunch and chocolatey flavor that you won't find cloying.
I highly recommend this shop! Aside from its amazing crinkles, I appreciate how accommodating the person behind the shop is to her customers.

Make sure to order a lot if you love sweets especially if you live somewhere South as the Flourist's pick up point is in Banawe. And given the surge in demand for an express courier service, be ready to shoulder a relatively expensive rate. But believe me, it's worth every penny (and calorie)!

To order, message Flourist through its Instagram page @flourist.ph.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored by Flourist. I paid for my purchase and booked my own courier to get my order. :)

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