Monday, April 29, 2019

First Bite: Overdough's OD Cookies

Elait's sister Overdoughs made us rediscover how fun doughnuts can be especially as snack inside the cinema. And while its beignets, loukoumades and cookie dough continue to tickle us pink, Overdoughs has something fresh out of the oven which will be hard to resist. 

Hello, Overdoughs!
Cookie lovers would go crazy with Overdoughs' new offering... OD Cookies!
Available in four flavors-- The OD Chocolate Chip, Cornflake, Ube White and Choco Nutella, these palm-size cookies are your newest movie munchies! One piece costs PHP120, PHP450 for a box of 4 and PHP800 for a box of 8.
Overdoughs treated me to some cookies a few weeks back and the cookies seemed to be fresh from the oven as each one was still warm and really soft! In fact, it got a bit squished so please excuse the photos in this entry. 
I first tried OD Chocolate Chip and it was so good! It had the perfect level of sweetness and its slight chewy and crisp texture made me finish half in less than a minute!
Ube White sure has a striking look and something I feel will see on Instagram a lot. Unfortunately, I could barely taste the ube. I did get a hint of white chocolate though. 
Nutella fans would love Choco Nutella. The base dough tasted the same with chocolate chip but this one is generously topped with Nutella! I found this slightly sweeter than chocolate chip but amazing when paired with milk.
Cornflake was the least sweet among the cookies. I'm not a big fan of non-chocolate flavored cereal so this was also my least favorite. But I'm sure others would love this buttery cookie. 
I can't wait to get hold of more The OD Chocolate Chip and Choco Nutella!

Overdoughs has 12 branches in Metro Manila. 

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