Tuesday, May 19, 2020

ECQ Favorite: Bread & Breakfast Baked Treats

I love bread! I'd usually grab a piece or two and smother it with my favorite jam for breakfast. And when I have extra time, I add some cold cuts, fresh greens, and a slice or two of cheese for a yummier sandwich. But why bother when you can have your savory baked treats by just ordering from Bread & Breakfast?

Hello, Bread & Breakfast
Bread & Breakfast is a new player in the growing community of home bakers. Unlike most that specialize in sweet treats, this newcomer focuses on puff pastries, rolls, and croissants. 
I had the pleasure to sample its freshly baked goods last week and got Mini Pain Au Chocolat (PHP360, 8 pieces) and Savory Box (PHP280) which is an assortment of Carbonara Puff, Chicken Teriyaki Puff, Danish Chicken Sausage, Pepper Mushroom Puff, Chicken Pizza Roll, and Creamy Spinach Puff
The Savory Box surely made breakfast extra bright! I loved the Creamy Spinach Puff best! It had that delectable milky taste which went beautifully well with spinach. 
Carbonara Puff, Chicken Teriyaki Puff, and Pepper Mushroom Puff had light flavors that put the puff's flavor and texture centerstage. I didn't mind it at all though as the puffs were great! 
I'd suggest having a few slices of cheese ready if you want a stronger flavor.
I also loved the Chicken Pizza Roll which had a lovely contrast of textures and flavors. I might be biased though as I love anything with tomatoes. The Danish chicken sausage is good too! It was juicy and flavorful! It also had that slight snappy texture that I love. 
If you enjoy munching on a flaky croissant, Bread & Breakfast's Pain Au Chocolat is a great option! I also liked the slightly bitter chocolate filling. I enjoyed having it with milk or tea. 
Bread & Breakfast also offers French Butter Croissant, Whole Wheat Croissant, Chicken Curry Puff, Apple Turnover, and Cinnamon Rolls.
Here's their menu for reference. Prices do not include delivery cost which is shouldered by the buyer. Pick up location is in Paco, Manila. 
Note: I saved the baked goods for breakfast the next day hence the slight wrinkles on top. I also got lazy and didn't pop it in the oven anymore. It was still good! But it's so much better when hot.
To order, message Bread & Breakfast via DM on Instagram-- @breadnbreakfast.ph.

Disclosure: Bread & Breakfast sent me samples of the items featured to try. I wrote this feature based on my preferences. 

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