Monday, September 9, 2019

When in Puerto Princesa: Costa Palawan

Puerto Princesa is one beautiful city filled with natural wonders. From the famous underground river to striking limestone, this city is a lovely break from the hustle and bustle of Manila. However, we ended up in a rather unpleasant hotel on my first visit which left a negative impression on Puerto Princesa's accommodations. Fast forward to 2019, the island experienced a boom in the hotel and resort industry giving visitors more value for money options. One of which is Costa Palawan

Hello, Costa Palawan
Costa Palawan is just 10 minutes away from Puerto Princesa International Airport but is on a quieter side of the city. It offers complimentary airport transfer which made us decide to book our last two nights here. 
The place used to be a rest house of a certain Doctor Go hence having a homey vibe. A close look at its fancy kitchen adorned by top brands such as Sub-Zero and Miele would give you an idea that the owner spent a lot to have this place made. 
The rooms, just like in the reviews, are huge! Even the most basic room could easily fit in four guests. You can even have a family of 10 party inside without feeling crowded. 
Our Deluxe Suite (PHP2,500/night) is equipped with king size bed, sofa set, cable television, bottled water, and a veranda. It also has a walk in closet, a massive bathroom with the old-style bidet seat and double sink counter. Wi-Fi too is reliable.
Though the resort needs a bit of fixing (i.e. beach beds, hammocks and pool), the fact that the place currently only accommodates a handful of guests guarantees a relaxing and tranquil stay. 
Breakfast is rather simple. The buffet spread includes toast and pandesal with various jams and spreads. Also on the table are fresh fruits, cereal and drinks. We also get a complimentary plated breakfast each. We got tocino and local fish. Nothing fancy but good. 
We also kayaked after breakfast. It was rather low tide even before noon and there were a lot of twigs, sea grass and a group of water insects which made me freak out. 
But it was still pleasant as we got to see some interesting creatures. 
We also spotted a dead small fish which we tried to offer to the resort cat. He wasn't impressed with our gift though.
On our last night, we decided to have dinner at the resort and got carbonara, fish and chips, vegetable tempura, seafood chowder soup and grilled squid
We thought we had just enough but the serving of carbonara and soup were close to family size! The wait staff who assisted us was nice enough though to have our leftovers packed and saved for our lunch the following day. 
To cap our short vacation, we decided to avail of Costa Palawan's affordable spa services. A 60-minute Shiatsu or Swedish massage only costs PHP550. The rate is the same if you opt to have your massage in your room. 
R and I opted to have it at the spa area though which was al fresco facing the beach. It was rather chilly that night and it would have been perfect if only the sheets on the bed smelled great. It wasn't which made me feel iffy during the whole session. 
Checkout was a breeze and we were on our way to the airport within minutes. 
If you're looking for a quiet and simple place to spend time with family or friends, Costa Palawan is a good option for you!

To book, click here.

Note: Costa Pacifica is currently expanding and building mid-rise buildings. We were not really bothered by the construction. But this resort might get packed when it opens its new wing.

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