Monday, September 30, 2019

Love Local: Crows Brewery

Beer may be one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the Philippines but craft beer is relatively new for many. Known to be brewed in small batches and in a more traditional way, it is often perceived to be better than the commercially produced beer given the brewer's closer attention to detail. I've had my first taste of craft beer in 2015 when I went to Baguio. But there's another brewery in the south that has been around a few years earlier. And yes, I'm referring to Crows Brewery.

Hello, Crows Brewery.
Crows Brewery was born in 2010 and started to commercially brew in 2013. With a very hop-centered influence, expect strong bitter notes in every sip.
This southern brewery currently has four kinds of beer--De Puta Madre, De Puta Madre Reposado, Mala Hierba and Carte Blanche
I got to try De Puta Madre during Crows' 6th year anniversary dinner and it was good! Worthy of its name which means "the bomb" or an expression to say that it is exemplary, this double IPA beer has that strong hop taste and aroma. I found it perfect with the bold flavors of the dishes we enjoyed at Bar Pintxos. But it's definitely not for those who like sweet or flavored beer
Aside from beer, Crows Brewery also offers craft gin. In fact, Crows was the first to launch a Philippine craft gin in 2017. Its playful use of 23 botanicals around the world gives Crows Gin a unique taste and can be placed in the same category as The Botanist. And to add to its exclusive vibe, each bottle is wax-sealed individually and bottle numbered by hand. 
Its sweet and citrus taste profile makes it an ideal staple to cocktail events. 
We had a short chat with John of Crows who spoiled us with two amazing cocktails. I had its cranberry cocktail spiked with Crows Craft Gin and I finished two glasses in under 20 minutes. I was so worried that I drank too fast and won't be able to wake up for my flight the next day. (I opted to just take a nap partnered with 4 alarms.)
These craft beer and gin definitely left a lasting impression and something I'd consider as giving out as gifts this Christmas.

Beer aficionado? Learn more about Crows Brewery by booking a tour! Contact them on social media or at

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