Tuesday, October 16, 2018

New Look: McDonald's NXTGEN

I've always been so envious of how advanced other countries are. We have several Asian countries with awesome transit system and others have gone digital in pretty much everything. If you haven't heard of Apple Pay or WePay, then you must be living under the rock. I love it though that we are slowly embracing the digital age with the growth of several apps that make things a lot more convenient for us. And McDonald's has something new to enhance our dining experience!

Hello, McDonald's.
McDonald's played a big part in my childhood. I still remember how excited I was whenever my mom would surprise me with a Happy Meal. In fact, I still find myself collecting its toys and I'd drop by regularly for McNuggets and its world famous fries.

I was so excited when I saw Self-Ordering Kiosks in China and Korea and wished that we have something like that in Manila. I love how you could customize your orders and be able to see the whole menu up close. It took me a while though before I got to order as I wanted to see each and every page. 
And when I got an invite to the launch of McDonald's NXTGEN, I sensed that the tech savvy Ronald McDonald has finally arrived with its McKinley West taking inspiration from the first McDonald's franchise store in 1955. 
Coined by the foodie community as the Krusty Krab of McDonald's, this picturesque store sure is impressive. The two-storey branch has a McCafe on the ground floor, a play house on the second floor and a function room as well. 
But the highlight of this store are the 4 self-ordering kiosks. 
The kiosks accepts Visa, Mastercard and debit cards including PayMaya. You can also opt to choose cash and settle your bill at the counter. 
Once done with your order and paid (if you opt to go with cashless payment), simply hand a copy of the receipts (food receipt and card receipt) to the staff wearing green shirt.
There's a round table in between the kiosks and the claiming counter where you could wait for your number to be called. 
And that's it! 
Though it will take some time before customers get used to placing their orders at the kiosks, I think that this will really make our McDonald's dining experience smoother. 
To date, there are a few McDonald's branches with the NXTGEN look--Robinsons Galleria, Madison Square and Pioneer to name a few. But its McKinley West branch is the most impressive. And who knows, Atom might be there!

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