Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Love at First Bite: Hello Goodbites

I could never say no to cookies. I drool every time I get a whiff of freshly baked goodies and I hardly hesitate to click the like button whenever I see it in my feed. Lately, I'm in the hunt for cookies I could proudly give away for Christmas and I noticed a high school batch mate of mine offering her "rejects" for free. By rejects, I do not mean bad batch but more of it just came out the wrong size or cracked. Her strict quality control impressed me and piqued my interest. And a few days ago, I finally decided to comment on her post asking for the price list. 

Hi there, Hello Goodbites!
Hello Goodbites is a passion project by Loren Calo. What makes her cookie business a tough cookie to beat is that she ensures freshness in a different level. Your cookies are delivered as soon as it gets out of the oven! She bakes on weekdays and delivers it on the same day (or hour)! And if traffic cooperates, your order might reach your doorstep still warm. 
Loren offered to give me samples to try and to my surprise, she gave me a LOT. 
I got two boxes of assorted cookies, one in mini bite size and another in regular size with some topped with macadamia. I also got a large Double Choco cookie.
It wasn't hard to fall in love with these cookies. The outer layer has this light crisp that I usually just get from brownies and the inside was the very definition of gooey. And the best part was each one was like that! Consistently good, scratch that, great!
If you don't believe me, check out these photos. 
Each one is moist, dense and really gooey!
It was hard to pick a favorite as all were amazing. Flavors available are plain, dark, choco mint and double choco. I got all except choco mint as I'm not a fan of that combination. 
Here's the price list as of October 2018:
And yes, they also offer cheesecakes!
For orders, contact Hello Goodbites at, +639175114667 or at @hellogoodbites on Instagram/Facebook. Note that deliveries are only available Mondays to Fridays from 11 am to 5 pm. Best to contact them at least a day before your target delivery date and a week before for bulk orders. Hello Goodbites will also be closed on October 30 to November 12 in preparation of the holiday season. 

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