Friday, October 19, 2018

Midsummer Manila Trunk Show Finds

I used to be so addicted to bazaars that I mark each and every one in my calendar. And yes, it definitely drains the budget. I still remember how excited I was whenever the Rockwell or Noel bazaars will announce its dates and I make sure to block at least 2 of the three dates for shopping. But as I grew older, my priorities changed. I started to save more and smarter on where I spend my hard earned cash. Needless to say, I've grown more mature and learned when to splurge and save. But when I got invited to Midsummer Manila's trunk show a few weeks back, the shopaholic in me was back.

Hello, Midsummer Manila
Midsummer Manila is a bazaar and trunk show organizer that has been roaming around Manila specifically Makati and BGC with its curated concessionaires offering unique finds. 

I was invited to (I think) its second trunk show which took place in one of Arya Residences' function rooms and I was impressed with the selection. Hardly any can be considered mainstream. Most are beautifully hand crafted and worth every penny. 

Here's a rundown of my favorite finds:
Ito Philippines offers eco-friendly bamboo products such as bed linens, towels and sleepwear using 100% Bamboo Lyocell. 
Though I've heard of eco-friendly linens, it was my first time to actually feel sheets made of bamboo. And I was so surprised with its softness. The bed linens were immaculately smooth despite the thread count of 300. Believe me when I say thread count is not important with this kind of product! 
I got a 2-piece towel set at PHP1,500 in pink and I love it so much! If you happen to buy from them too, make sure that the initial wash is in cold water and in gentle cycle if you plan to have it machine washed. 
And here's their price list for bed linens.
Date lovers would enjoy Rosel's baked products. It barely use sweeteners as it wanted to highlight the natural flavor of dates so this is a great gift idea to elders too!
Patisserie Kyo won me over with its scrumptious and delicate baked goods! Check out their stuffed buns. 
D'designs offers hand decorated home elements such as coasters, plates, and candle holders. I can't believe that all these were made by hand as the intricate designs were insanely good!
Z Jars offers homemade all natural spreads that are perfect for health conscious consumers. I love its chocolate hazelnut spread best! 
Needless to say, I was thrilled to see Cake Shots in the list of concessionaires. I immediately got my favorite tiramisu cupcake! And they gave me a free cupcake too! Sweet!
And if you're into accessories, you would love or'nat. You can also have your dream earrings, necklace, bracelet or ring made by them as they accept personalized orders. I'm not into dangling earrings but this leaf earrings are so beautiful.
I also manage to score a Bali rattan bag from Islands Style Collections for just PHP1,500 (it is usually priced at PHP1,800 in other bazaars.)

If you have kids, I highly recommend that you check out Koko & Roko.
I've never seen educational toys like this one that fosters a lot of intellectual, motor and social skills in one game. But what was mind blowing for me is how simple the games are yet I've never seen anything like it. Also, I love how the materials were made to be eco-friendly by barely using plastic. 
Oh, and if beauty is more of your thing, there was this unnamed Korean stall that offers this electronic BB facial mask at a fraction of its cost if you get it elsewhere. 
Also, there's this other interesting shampoo brand J 153 Natural that promises repair, anti-thinning, and scalp care. Price though is a bit steep at a grand per bottle but if it delivers, then it comes out a lot cheaper than going to hair centers.
And if you want to check out Midsummer Manila too, do visit them today until Sunday (October 19-21, 2018) at Uptown Bonifacio and perhaps start your Christmas shopping early.  

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