Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Best Purchase Ever: La Petite Fromagerie's Truffle Cream Cheese Spread

Cheese lover? Then La Petite Fromagerie won't be a stranger to you. This brand has been around for quite a while; spoiling cheese lovers all over the metro. Though I never get to catch its pop-up booth in events, I was lucky to have finally tasted its famous truffle cream cheese spread during this year's Kain Tulog Gang (KTG) Thanksgiving party. And it was love at first bite. I simply could not get over it that one jar became 4 in less than a month. 

Hello, La Petite Fromagerie
I've seen multiple posts of La Petite Fromagerie online and it never fails to make me drool at photos of its mouthwatering raclette. I'd always find myself frustrated as my schedule played diva and never cooperated with its pop-up events. I sure was glad though to finally have a taste of this talked about cheese expert last January. 

And the hype was real, La Petite Fromagerie's raclette is nothing short of scrumptious! It had that lovely sharp taste of cheese that I love. It's far from the other raclettes I've had that tasted like a bland yellow goop. 
But more than raclette, I discovered something that I would consider "best purchase ever" and that's La Petite Fromagerie's Truffle Cream Cheese Spread (PHP450/jar).

If you find my posts entertaining, you'd know that I am a big fan of truffle. Though I get disappointed half the time because of #faketruffle or questionable quality of truffle used in the dish(es), I still embrace new products with open arms as I don't like to judge quickly. And I hugged this beautiful creation with bear hugs and kisses!
I usually say love at first bite whenever I liked something. But the best way to describe my experience with this truffle cream cheese was enchanted. I lost self-control and couldn't stop myself from eating more of this marvelous spread till I'm out of crackers (or spread, whichever comes first). 
I love how the truffle and cream cheese blended so well creating this earthy, creamy yet chunky and simply delicious piece of heaven. It's great as is but even better when with crackers, burgers, pasta or even mushroom soup! 

I recently found out that La Petite Fromagerie also has Truffle Butter! I'll definitely try that one soon!

To order or for cheese buffet quotations, contact them at +63 917 791 2865 or email them at lapetitfromagerie.mnl@gmail.com.

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