Friday, May 18, 2018

Cooking Made Easy: U Cookin

Cooking has always been one of the best activities for me. I enjoy learning or accidentally discovering a recipe or two every week and surprising myself when the dish comes out good (or at least edible). However, I've been quite busy these past months that made me cook less and less at home and simply call for fast food or eat out. But things are about to change! I discovered this new food service that saves me a lot of time! 

Hello, U Cookin!
U Cookin is a food delivery service concept developed by a young entrepreneur who aims to encourage people to whip up impressive dishes at home. How so? By having all the ingredients and recipe prepared for you! 
Yes, bid farewell to grocery trips just for those ingredients you realize you don't have to whip up the dish you want to cook.
There are a handful of recipes to choose from and each one states the prep time and difficulty level. I decided to go with Balsamic Sirloin Steak (easy) and French Peppercorn Tenderloin (intermediate).
I cooked Balsamic Sirloin Steak the same day I got my box to surprise R. (He was so excited when he heard the word steak!)
The recipe was indeed very easy to follow. All I had to do was pan-sear and roast the meat and put the potato chunks in the oven as well. Making the sauce was very easy too! 
I could also say the same with French Peppercorn Tenderloin. Despite being tagged as intermediate, it was very easy as well. It just takes a bit longer to cook given the additional ingredients to work with. 

The verdict? Though the Balsamic Sirloin Steak had good flavor, the steak itself was tough to eat despite following the time indicated in the recipe. U Cookin was quick to respond though and mentioned that they are working on finding the best suppliers for their recipes. 

French Peppercorn Tenderloin was a hit! My mom and sister loved it... a lot! I could tell with how my mom's eyes sparkled that she really enjoyed the dish. She even took the recipe card with her! 
Overall, I was happy with U Cookin. It definitely empowered me to be a better cook with these simple but scrumptious dishes. 

I can't wait to try the other recipes soon! 

Box good for 2 - PHP400 
Box good for 4 to 5 - PHP650

To order, contact U Cookin via Instagram @ucookinph or order at

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