Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Love at First Bite: Blissful Sweets by Eu

I simply cannot resist sweets! It’s the part of the meal that I look forward to the most. Though I love munching on the tried and tested desserts, I find so much joy too whenever I come across awesome home bakers who can whip up amazing products. And last month, I discovered Blissful Sweets by Eu. 

Hello, Blissful Sweets by Eu

I got an unexpected email from Eu a couple weeks back asking if I’m open to try her baked treats. And as a sucker for sweets, I said yes without even knowing what she’ll give me. 
Eu personally delivered the goodies to my apartment but I was too busy packing for my trip the next day and doing last minute errands that I was not able to meet her. 

I was definitely surprised with the treats she gave me. Usually, home bakers will just give small samplers of this and that. But Eu gave me an entire Matcha Cake, a box of brownies and red velvet cupcakes. 
I first tried the brownie and it was heavenly! It was the type of brownie that I love. It had that delightful crisp crust complementing the fudge-like texture.
Each bite was moist and oozing with chocolate flavor without being overwhelming. 
Red Velvet was a treat too! 
Moist and with beautiful white cream cheese filling, this dessert is a great option for those who just want the right level of sweetness to pair with coffee, tea or to end a savory meal. 
And if you’re looking for something to give to your mom, aunt or grandma, do consider getting Eu’s matcha cake
This divine White Chocolate Matcha Cake in 5-in is one gift I guarantee green tea lovers would enjoy. The harmonious blend of sweet white chocolate and slightly bitter matcha is great! Too bad I wasn’t able to enjoy more of this as I couldn’t bring it to my flight. I brought with me the leftover cupcakes and brownies though. 
And guess what? The brownies stayed in excellent condition even after 7 days!!! It still had the crisp layer and moist texture. 
I’ll definitely order more soon.

For pricelist and orders, visit @blissfulsweetsbyeu on Instagram or message her at blissfulsweetsbyeu@gmail.com.

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