Monday, November 14, 2016

Pizza Party at Peperoni Pizzeria

Peperoni Pizzeria sure knows how to tickle my tastebuds. I have sampled a few of its pizzas before and I enjoyed each one. The chocolate lava cake was also something worth ordering as it made me go to chocolate heaven! And when Peperoni Pizzeria invited me to its U.P. Town Center’s pizza party, I just have to say yes despite it being far from me!

Peperoni Pizzeria's U.P. Town Center branch seems to be a bit smaller than its Uptown Mall branch but was the same ambiance. 
It also has the famous "All you knead is love" signage. 
The Pizza Party was an intimate gathering of foodies to celebrate the launch of Peperoni's three new offerings namely Foie Gras Pizza (PHP890), Portobello Funghi Pizza (PHP595) and Funghi e Tartufo (PHP440). 
As we wait for the start of the program, we were given glasses of refreshing iced tea to keep us cool and hydrated as we watch at the chefs do their magic. 
I loved that they were game to our requests for slow motion to get better action shots. I guess they get those requests a lot. 
First served to us was the Funghi e Tartufo pasta. It was a lovely mix of sautéed shiitake and button mushrooms on pasta swimming in truffle cream sauce. 
Everyone enjoyed this dish as it was flavorful yet not cloying. I loved that it was so fragrant and that it had a rich truffle taste (and that it didn't taste like gas). The snaps from the mushrooms made it even more enjoyable. I would have liked it more though if there was a bit of crunch to the dish, perhaps with some crispy parma ham. 
Portobello Funghi Pizza was served next and it had the same aroma as the pasta, only fainter. 
Topped with portobello mushrooms, scallions, egg, tomato concasse and drizzled with truffle oil, this pizza is meant for those who prefer lighter flavors. 
Sadly, it tasted bland for me. 
I guess it was because the dish before this pizza had stronger taste.
Everyone was excited with the Foie Gras Pizza as it sounded divine! Just hearing the lovely combination of button mushrooms, crispy parma ham, egg, onions, spinach, foie gras and truffle oil was enough to make me drool. And Peperoni sure know how to keep people at the edge of their seats when it was served last. 
The beautiful pizza was served after we finished a few slices of the first pizza and its aroma spelled out delicious. I hurriedly took snapshots and took a big bite after. 
And it was great! I loved the balance of flavors. The egg, onions and button mushrooms offset the saltiness of the delectable crispy parma ham. The spinach also lessened my guilt of munching on fatty foie gras

However, I enjoyed the parma ham more than the foie gras. Don’t get me wrong, I love foie gras. But the taste was not very evident in the pizza. R mentioned that it might have been better if there were more truffle oil to bring out the foie gras taste. 
Then again, if you love parma ham, this pizza has a lot of it!
We were free to choose whichever dessert we want to cap our meal and since I fell in love with its molten chocolate cake, R and I went with Tortino al Cioccolato (PHP365).
And just like my sweet first encounter with this dessert, the one served to us was moist, delightfully warm and rich. It went well with the vanilla ice cream, nuts and strawberry bits. 
Overall, it was a fun Pizza Party! Thank you, Peperoni Pizzeria for the invite! 

P.S. Guys, these delightful treats are available just this month so make sure you try it soon!!!

Peperoni Pizzeria is located at Ground Floor, U.P. Town Center, Diliman, Quezon City. 

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