Tuesday, May 22, 2018

First Bite: Froozy

This year's summer is crazy! With the temperature hitting 40s, Manila has never been this hot! And I can't stop dreaming of swimming in ice cream. But I found something a little bit close to that. By stuffing myself with shaved ice from Froozy!

Hello, Froozy
Froozy is a local shaved ice concept inspired by the Korean dessert bingsu. Designed to be a sweet escape for the health conscious, the ingredients you can find here are made from scratch.
It has a good selection of toppings and flavored snow to choose from to create your own dessert or you could opt to try one of their special combinations. 
Since I was too tired from running around to cross out some errands, I saved myself from figuring out which ones would work and opted to go with the special combinations Modern Halo-Halo (PHP185) and Strawberry Cheesecake (PHP185). Yes, I needed two because it was too hot that day. 
First served was Strawberry Cheesecake made with fresh strawberries snow topped with strawberry puree drizzle, Baguio strawberries, tangy cheesecake, Speculoos and pie crust.
I was used to the milky and sweet kind of strawberry bingsu and I was surprised that Froozy's version was a lot tangier. I'm not sure if it's because they use local strawberries or perhaps they don't use as much sweeteners. 
I was also not that crazy with the strawberry puree used as it tasted a bit artificial for my liking. 
Nonetheless, if you like tangy treats, then this is something you might enjoy. 
I liked Modern Halo-Halo a lot more than its berry counterpart. Made with classic ube snow as base and topped with sweet corn, red beans, jackfruit, coconut strings, nata de coco, brown rice crispies and caramel flan then drizzled with coconut jam, this treat was the sweet treat I was looking for that day! 
It was my first time to eat halo-halo with corn and rice crispies as I'd have it with saba and pinipig instead. 
Though I still prefer the toppings I'm used to, Froozy's version wasn't bad at all. 
The ube snow had a nice subtle flavor of purple yam and it was beautifully complemented by the other toppings. Complex texture in every bite filled with chewiness of nata de coco and macapuno, crunch of rice crispies and smoothness of the shaved ice and flan, this dessert is the one for me! And for PHP185, this combination is a steal!
One thing I noticed while waiting for my treats was that Froozy uses cup size snow blocks to ensure consistent serving size. That's a big plus for me as I hate feeling cheated whenever I see another customer having more serving for the same order that I got. 
I also love how the packaging was designed to be portable and won't have your hands freezing as you hold your cold treat. Though it could still be messy to eat.  

Service was fast and the staff were accommodating with my requests for photos. Topping selection may be limited but ample enough for everyone to create their own favorites. Though Strawberry Cheesecake may not be for me, I did enjoy Froozy's take on halo-halo and I'll definitely try the other flavors in my next visit. 

Froozy is located at 2nd Floor, Veranda, Robinsons Galleria, Quezon City.

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