Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gone French in Hollywood: The French Crepe Co.

I always loved crepes but I never considered it as a possible lunch especially when dear tummy grumbles like there’s no tomorrow.

It was one sunny but chilly day in Hollywood when we decided to do a bit of museum hopping. We arrived a bit past 12NN and we were hungry. Unwilling to eat at McDonalds, we searched for a better option.
I wanted to eat at this bistro place but my mom and sister wanted to eat something else which was not on the bistro’s menu. But since we were extremely hungry, we decided to eat at a promising place named The French Crepe Co. (which was just across the bistro).
Fine, since I was not the one going to pay anyway.

We checked the menu for about 10 minutes before deciding what to order. My sister ordered Turkey croissant ($9.70) while my mom opted for Roast Beef sandwich ($6.40 for half and $9.50 for full). Since I can’t leave with just one dish, I ordered Filet de Salmon ($9.70), Soupe du Jour (the soup of the day was Clam Chowder and it costs around $7.00) and a glass of Tropical Iced Tea ($1.90). 
I always forget that these restaurants serve indescribable iced teas. Bland. No sugar. Not happy. I used up around 5 packs of sugar and it was still bland. :|
The Roast Beef sandwich arrived first and for a half serving, it was BIG. It was quite dry for me. The salad though was pretty good. Fresh vegetables and the lovable tangy dressing (I think it was vinaigrette). 
The Turkey croissant was huge as well. My sister needed our help to finish the croissant. It was tasty but there’s one tiny problem… the turkey slice was very thin making it hard for me to distinguish if I was eating a turkey or veggie sandwich.
Now for the clam chowder, it was not as thick as how other restaurants cook it but it was just right for me as the soup was meant to be an appetizer and not the main dish. 
It was creamy and you could definitely taste Ariel’s (of The Little Mermaid) world in every slurp.
The Filet de Salmon on the other hand was REALLY REALLY GOOD.
According to the menu, it was “sliced Norwegian Smoked Salmon served butter and whole wheat bread, garnished with lemon and capers.” I had to skip the wheat bread as I was already starting to feel full from my bites from my mom’s and sister’s sandwiches. The salmon was fresh. It was the type that makes you giggle with tummy happiness. (Okay, perhaps it doesn’t make much sense.)
The lemon and capers made the dish even more delightful. There was the tanginess that made me smile the whole time I was eating it. I finished my plate in less than 10 minutes.

It was love. *Flying kiss to the person who prepared this dish*

The French Crepe is located near Kodak Theater (3rd floor), Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

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