Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chatime all over again...

Just when I thought I was over going to milk tea places, I discovered something that blew me away. Fine, it was a bit of an exaggeration but it definitely made me smile from one ear to the other.

“Do you want some Chatime?” is perhaps one of my favorite office questions. It also reminds me how blessed I am to have great colleagues who LOVE food.

This time, I ordered Chocolate Mousse (PHP85, small; PHP95, large) and had exactly the same specifics as one of my officemates who convinced me to try it.
We ordered via City Delivery and I was surprised that it will take Chatime Pioneer 50-60 minutes to deliver our drinks (to think that our office is just 5 minutes away). But we love 
Chatime so much so it didn’t really matter as long as they deliver our drinks cold.

In less than 50 minutes, our orders arrived and we hurriedly took one long sip.

No wonder so many people were addicted to this one. It was really good. Now I understand why this is one of Chatime’s best sellers.

It tasted like Chocolate Twin Popsies/Milo. The one I had wasn’t very sweet (but was just right as well) as it only had 30% sugar but it also had less ice to avoid diluting the drink.

It was love and I can’t wait to order more (actually, I’m sipping my second one now while typing this entry).

Chatime is available at Pioneer Center and Robinsons Supermarket, Galleria. Check for the complete list of branches and menu.

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