Friday, August 24, 2012

Café Favorite: Akiba

It took my sister quite a while before she managed to convince me to get out of the house as I was really not in the mood to go out that day as long weekends mean lazy days for me. But since her begging powers seem to be of the same level as Puss in Boots, I finally gave in. We stopped by the usual stores and bought a handful of items but the highlight of that day was my short stop to…

I’ve been passing by this store for quite some time now but I never bothered to stop by and try the drinks till last Monday. I got curious with the drinks as the server was really enthusiastic with telling us their bestsellers.
In the end, my mom ordered Yogurt Chiru Nutty Macadamia (PHP130, large) while I ordered a glass of Akiba’s Signature Trifle Kohi (PHP130, large). My sister, who was not in the mood for tea or coffee decided to go for one of their chiffon cakes.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Restaurant Discovery: Rollin' & Bowlin'

We had a hard time looking for our last stop for our Katipunan food trip as we were left with mostly fast food chains. Craving for something… different, we walked for about 45 minutes till we spotted… Rollin’ & Bowlin’.  
A new place! *and our eyes sparkled while our tummies smiled*
The place is quite hidden so it’s such a thrill for us to discover it! It’s the perfect place to mount our T3 flag and hold game nights (uh, days) there. We were also told that the restaurant was fairly new then so their menu was quite limited.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fifties in 2012: Mile Hi Diner

Pizza, check! Pasta, check! Burger, check! Next on the list? Chicken and fries!!! It’s true, friends who eat together… will go on a diet together!
Now on our way to our third (click here for the first and second) stop, we decided to visit Mile Hi, a popular food joint in Baguio which has branches here in Manila. I heard that the best one still is the one in Baguio but the 6-8 hour drive makes it less enticing.
Anyway, we have finally reached our destination (which was just a few steps away from the blue building also housing Moshi Moshi) and I was mesmerized with the Coca-Cola merchandise. I’m a sucker for anything Coca-Cola (I even rushed to McDonalds before when they first sold those limited edition Olympics glasses and I begged for 10 yen inside Narita airport just to buy a can of Coke simply because the can is soooo cute).
Since we were starting to get really full, we decided to just order a small basket of Spicy Buffalo Wings (PHP155) with Ranch dressing (PHP20) and Bacon Cheese Fries (PHP130). N and I also decided to order a cup of tea (we know it doesn’t match but hey it aids digestion) while J ordered a can of soda.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Peanut Butter Overload: PB Co.

Walking with tummies still filled with pizzaand pasta (with the sweet calamansi juice trying to work its magic) from our first Katipunan food stop, N, J and I or now known as T3 headed to the new blue building and entered our next food stop… Peanut Butter Company.

It was actually my first time to visit the place so I was pretty much mesmerized that the dishes it offers really do have peanut butter. Curious with the PB Burger Sandwich (PHP185), we decided to order one for sharing. We spotted Dark Chocolate PB Banana Milkshake (PHP185) and ordered that too, also for sharing. Ain’t we sweet? :D (Or we're probably just stingy!)
The burger was pretty big but a hungry person won’t have difficulty finishing it but since we were trying to save more space for other yummy Katipunan finds, we thought that it’d be best to just share.