Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Restaurant Discovery: The Café

Last Friday was perhaps the lightest day of my career life… so far. 

After our morning client presentation, one of our AEs offered to buy us lunch. *Happiness!*

She did not inform us where she will be treating us so we kept on guessing and guessing. There were happy thoughts of us having lunch at Yakimix or at this posh Japanese restaurant (or so what one of my colleagues said). Then we realized that we were in front of the wrong building.
Oh, hello The Café.
We saw our AE in front of a packed quaint-looking restaurant called The Café. (Packed means good right?) We waited for 2 minutes for some seats to free up but since we were too hungry to wait any further, as staring at some hungry diners smile while chewing their food was plain torture, we decided to eat outside. (There were a few tables outside the restaurant just in front of the parking area.)

I ordered Lechon Kawali (PHP175) with garlic rice (add PHP35) and a glass of The Café’s house iced tea. My colleague who treated us also ordered Miki Bihon, several orders of Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. Oh Christmas~
The bibingka and puto bumbong arrived first. We each took a bit to try the two Christmas favorites and I’d say that one order was not enough for me. It was really good. The bibingka was fluffy and flavorful. You could definitely taste the semi-sweet and milky batter which went well with the salted eggs and niyog (which added texture and crunch).
The puto bumbong on the other hand was swimming in butter (which I loved!). It was a tad bland though so I sprinkled more muscovado sugar on it. Problem solved!

Now for my order Lechon Kawali…
It sure was crispy. I can’t help but drown it in the sauce it went with and achara (pickled papaya). It was love. (Warning: Chew before swallowing as it could be one painful trip to the esophagus.)

The Miki Bihon was good too though it was a tad salty. We had to ask for more calamansi to combat the saltiness. (No photo as I was too busy eating my lechon kawali.)
The iced tea was delightful as well as it was a bit citrusy making it more refreshing compared to those typical sweet iced tea.
The Cafe 5 minutes before we finish our lunch
I’d definitely go back for more bibingka and iced tea. I heard from my colleagues that the salpicao and steamed tilapia were good too. I’ll order those as well.

The Café is located at 832 A. Arnaiz Ave. Cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati.

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