Wednesday, November 9, 2011

L.A. Food Find Favorite: Thai Chicken Barbeque

My aunt picked us up at the Glendale Galleria after a brief shopping spree and decided to bring us to this Thai restaurant that specializes in grilled chicken.
Hungry and cold, we got so excited after hearing the word chicken. 
The place was like a diner and it made me smile like crazy for somehow, I got to check one off my list.
First thing I noticed when we sat down was the pretty flowers. It somehow made me forget I was hungry for a minute or so.
We asked my aunt to order for us and she ordered three sets of Barbeque Chicken Dinner ($8.50 each), one Sate Dinner ($10.50) and Chicken Soup as appetizer. We also had some Thai Milk Tea (about $2).
The soup arrived first. It was a bit spicy and it had a hint of coconut. The chicken was well cooked and it was delightful. However, as a person with weak tolerance for anything spicy, I only had a few sips of it. It tasted a bit like curry but lighter. Foodies who are fond of spicy food will love this appetizer.
Finally our meals arrived. I got the Barbeque Chicken Dinner and I was surprised with the serving. Three people can share one plate. Thinking about the generous serving, the meal was pretty inexpensive.
The chicken was really tender despite the somehow burnt skin. It was still juicy and quite flavorful. It didn’t need extra sauce actually. I also love the rice that was served with it. It was cooked well and I loved that there were huge shrimps on top. There was also a sweet vinegar as dip (similar to the one served by Pho Hoa). In short, It was bliss.
The Sate Dinner was also good. Generous serving, tender meat, and same lovely rice. The meat was a bit sweet which reminded me of our own version of barbeque.
As for the Milk Tea, it was deeeelightful. You could definitely taste the tea, milk and a hint of caramel. It was one harmonious drink. Too bad I was not allowed to finish two glasses of milk tea as my tummy could not take it.
I’m really hoping that they will have a branch here in Manila. 
See you again soon!!!

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