Monday, November 21, 2011

It’s Always Sunny in Kapitolyo

One of the perks of working for media is that you get to know the latest updates and happenings. I’m super happy that I am part of the team that handles Yummy. 
I got all giddy happy when my boss told me to save space for some fluffy pancakes as we will have our brainstorming at Milky & Sunny, one of the newest and cutest restaurants in Barangay Kapitolyo, a growing foodie favorite destination. I feel so blessed that I live just 3 minutes away from it (and it already includes a bit of traffic).
When we arrived, the server immediately greeted my boss as they remembered her from the night before. Good memory. :) I won’t forget their names as well—Mai and Precious (My Precious).
While checking the menu, the server gave us water and patiently waited for us to finalize our orders.

We decided to order the following: Breakfast Big Plate—with sausage, spam, and corned beef, hash brown potatoes, and scrambled egg (PHP250), Red and Green Bell Pepper, Potatoes & Sausage (PHP130), Strawberry Cream Cheese (PHP140), and freshly squeezed juices—I had apple (PHP100).
While waiting for our orders, my eyes went crazy with all the cute stuff they used to make the restaurant such a charming place. The adorable paintings of Manny Pacquiao, Mad Hatter, and Rizal were eye candies. The little frames on the other side were really cute as well. I hope that they’ll make the place a gallery/restaurant soon where art lovers could buy those nice décors.
The juices and Breakfast Big Plate arrived first and, well, the plate wasn’t as big as I thought, though for one person, it could be filling.
I first tried the hash brown potatoes and boy, it was really tasty. I didn’t even have to ask for ketchup to add flavor. The sausage on the other hand wasn’t that special. Actually, I prefer to have it a bit less toasted as I liked my sausages a bit juicy and such was the case for the corned beef (yum!). As for the spam, it was not as salty as Spam so it was a good thing. It was not something extraordinary though. Same goes for the scramble eggs. BUT the garlic rice is sooo good that it made everything else great!
The Red and Green Bell Pepper, Potatoes & Sausage omelet was also good. The stuffing was pretty generous as each cut was bound to be MESSY (not messy annoying, rather messy yummy—okay, I’m not making sense here).

Now for the Strawberry Cream Cheese…

It was probably the best pancakes I had so far as it was not like the pancakes from other restaurants where there seemed to be more air than the actual pancakes. Also, the strawberry jam made it even more delightful. I just had to skip the maple syrup as it was already enough for my sweet tooth.

As for my drink, Apple Juice, it was pretty good. It was 100% apple (or if it wasn't, it still tasted like pure apple to me). My problem though was that bits of apple gets stuck inside the straw making it a bit difficult for me to drink it. It'd be great if the apple has been more blended. :)

I’d say, it was one heavy merienda. I managed to eat only salad for dinner.

Milky & Sunny is located at 9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City.

**There's a store beside it that sells interesting products and Moonleaf is there too!

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