Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrating New Chapters at Pages Deli

I used to ignore this place till I started to read good reviews about it. I wanted to try it myself but I don’t like eating alone in nice restaurants. Then a friend wanted to have dinner to celebrate her birthday. Perfect!
“Let’s meet at Shangri-la!”

“Sure! But where? (Thinking it has to be somewhere new or at least a place we have never been to before) Uhm, how about Pages Deli? Or Lemon Grass?”

“Pages Deli. See you there!”

That was how my friend and I decided to have dinner at Pages Deli. 

At first, I was hesitant to order after receiving my friend’s message saying, “I’m so hungry!” since deli shops have limited menu. But since I was already dizzy due to hunger, I gave in and decided to order.
I thought of ordering salad, pasta, soup, and a sandwich. But then I realized that it was a bit too much for two.
So, with a calmer tummy, I decided to order Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast with Tomato Vinaigrette (PHP250) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (PHP320). I stopped at that since I wanted my friend to choose her own dinner. I was craving for mango shake that night but they were out of mangoes so I ordered apple shake (PHP80) instead.

My friend arrived before the orders came in and she was quite dizzy so she decided not to order anymore and just share the dishes with me.

The first dish that arrived was the Goat Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast with Tomato Vinaigrette salad (whew, that was a long name). My friend said, “Eww, greens! I’ll just get some of the chicken.” But, upon tasting the chicken, she enjoyed it. Really enjoyed it to the point of munching on the “greens” as well.
The chicken was seasoned really well. There was this tangy taste from the vinaigrette and cheese and a bit of saltiness. It was one great tasting chicken. It was also quite tender complementing the crisp lettuce. I will definitely order it again on my next visit.

As for the A Midsummer Night’s Dream—Grilled Grouper Fillet topped with Tomato Vanilla Sauce—was one delightful dish. I’m not fond of vanilla on savory dishes but I wasn’t able to taste it at all. *Goodie!*
The fish fillet was a bit crisp as it was grilled yet the inside was very tender. A bit salty as well. The mashed potato on the other hand was very creamy and smooth making it a perfect partner for the fillet. Even the asparagus was blanched well. I love this dish.

Even the apple shake was good! It was not very sweet as it seemed that they wanted to highlight the natural sweetness of the apples used. And look at the glass! Isn’t it adorable? (Well, it looked really cute to me.)
Before heading back home, my friend decided to try the Belgian Chocolate Cake (PHP175). It was her birthday celebration after all.
It was quite moist and indeed chocolatey. Though my friend said that she couldn’t finish one slice of it. Perhaps, it was not meant for those not really into chocolates. (But I loved it as well!)

I will definitely be back for more! :)

Pages Deli is located at the Ground Floor of Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.


  1. It was really good. Try it. :) I wasn't able to note the price though as it was an impulse order.


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