Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let’s Salsa!

We were planning to go to Hollywood but for some reason, we ended up in Santa Monica. And boy, was I glad.  

“Hello Santa Monica!” we said while being greeted by the cold breeze coming from the beach nearby. 
We were tired from all the walking and the intense heat from Beverly Hills when we decided to move to Hollywood to grab lunch and roam around the Walk of Fame. However, the GPS failed us and we ended up in chilly Santa Monica. 

Our grumbling tummies did not let us roam around further and we found ourselves warm and comfy inside La Salsa, one of the many food places in the area. 

They have a pretty good array of Mexican comfort food from tacos, nachos, to burritos. I had my eyes on the taco salad but for some reason, I decided to go for Tacos La Salsa ($5.85) instead thinking that it was a heavier meal. My aunts decided to go for the Taco Salad ($5.25) and the Three Pepper Fajita ($8.49).
What I loved about the place was that there were several dips available. There were avocado, salsa, and even mango dips. It was a feast!!!

Now for the food…
The Tacos La Salsa was a bit dry yet the chicken was quite savory. But I think I enjoyed the tortilla chips more as I was in front of so many dips that I just have to try them all (though salsa still won my heart and tummy). The serving wasn’t as big as I thought and in short, after finishing it, I was still very hungry. 

The Taco Salad was very light as well. It more of tortilla chips, strips of chicken and some vegetables. If you’re on a diet, this might be an ideal meal for you. For tourists though who does a lot of walking, this is NOT it. 

The Three Pepper Fajita on the other hand was another story. It was one huge plate of chicken, fire-roasted fajita veggies, guacamole, cheese, sour cream, and tortillas. “It was the meal I should have ordered”, I thought.  

Upon getting a bite of the chicken… it was SPICY (for me). As a foodie with low tolerance for anything spicy, I felt like crying as I wanted to eat more of it but my tummy has limitation with soda. The chicken was really tender but it was too spicy for me. But I’m sure that spicy food lovers will like this one as it sure was filling.
Weird. I don't recall this one.
Guess what I ate after… Wetzel's Pretzels.
It was LOVE. The cinnamon was simply divine. And it made my tummy happier.

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